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High Dose Estrogen: A Patient’s Experience

High Dose Estrogen: A Patient’s Experience High dose estrogen is a controversial approach to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because it pushes the boundaries of conventional medicine HRT by giving patients high enough doses of hormones to change functioning and messaging in the mind and body of the patient. This means prescribing hormones high enough, as […] Read more…


Bioidentical Hormones: Issues to Consider Article Response

Bioidentical Hormones: Issues to Consider  Too bad menopause experts like Kate Bracy, RN, NP who have no experience restoring bioidentical hormones to healthy levels and the impact they have on the body, write misleading articles that confuse women. I don’t personally know the author but I do know if she properly restored bioidentical hormones to […] Read more…

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What Are Optimal Hormone Levels for Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone?

What Are Optimal Hormone Levels for Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone?   Liz: Do you know what the optimal hormone levels are for Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone on day 12 and day 20 of a cycle? Moxie: As you know, every woman has her own “sweet spot” with regards to optimal hormone levels target ranges for […] Read more…


NAMS: Depression and Menopause

Depression and Menopause North American Menopause Society Article Review Depression and Menopause.  It seems like those things go together.  There aren’t too many women in menopause who are not depressed. Hormonally balanced women do not have depression.  Women with adequate levels of estrogen never have to worry about depression so when I came across a […] Read more…


Anatomy of Hot Flashes

Anatomy of Hot Flashes Many women complain and suffer from hot flashes, as it is one of the top miserable symptoms of estrogen deficient women. Many researchers and experts claim hot flashes are just an issue for menopausal women, and they will pass with time but the truth is millions of women who are not of menopausal […] Read more…

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Weight Loss for Hot Flashes?

“Weight Loss May Be An Appealing Way To Ease Hot Flashes”  read a headline from Reuters Health July 15, 2014. Hot flashes are miserable. They’re inconvenient, annoying, and embarrassing. They’re also a periodic reminder we’re getting old whether we like it or not. A patient of mine forwarded this article and asked me to comment on […] Read more…

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