Hormone Coaching

If you’re a woman of any age who needs help regulating your menstrual cycle, or needing help getting your hormones balanced just right, I can help you get the help you need to do so.  I offer a complementary 20 minute consultation to see if I my services would be a good match for your needs.  To schedule a time to meet, click on the link below to be taken to my calendar where you can schedule a time to meet and answer a few questions so you can get started.

Hormone Coach Training

If you’re an established health coach, I can train you how to be a Menstrual Health & Clinical Hormone Coach specialist.

Physician Training and Coaching

If you’re a physician or a physician extender with a Functional Medicine background and an established hormone practice, I can help you get your patient’s hormones to their personal  “Hormone Sweet Spot”


If you’re looking for someone to speak about advanced hormone therapies, whether it’s to physicians or a group of women, I can give your audience unsurpassed quality and advanced information pertaining to female health and hormones.