What Can I Take to Get My Libido Back?


What can I take to get my libido back?  This is a question many patients ask because they don’t think they can get their libido back naturally.  A myth about the female libido is that a woman’s sex drive peaks in her mid 30’s.  This is very much a falsehood.  If a woman has a true libido in her mid thirties, it’s not because her estrogen is contributing to it.  A woman has a libido very much like a man but the libido is dictated by estrogen. In menopause, a woman’s estrogen is tanked and has no desire for sexual activity, in fact for most, the thought is repulsive. Women after their mid thirties are supposed to lose their libido, especially if they’ve had a couple of children.  Our bodies are designed this way. Our brains are telling us we’re not supposed to want to reproduce at this late in the game because our bodies would not be able to withstand childbearing. Women in menopause do not like to be touched and have harder times making emotional connections with people. This is all supposed to happen in this part of our cycle of life.  Estrogen helps a woman make emotional connections with others, whether it’s a maternal connection, or a sexual or emotional connection, estrogen decides a woman’s ability to connect.

The good news is you can do something about it. It’s the estrogen levels that tell a woman how old she is. Women in their twenties have blood estrogen levels at their peak (on day 12 of their cycle) of around 300-600. A 55 year old menopausal woman has estrogen levels in the single digits, if she has any traceable amounts at all. Women in their twenties have fantastic libidos, that is as long as they have adequate levels of estrogen. If a woman in her twenties has a low libido, she needs to look at her estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels will tell a twenty year old she’s old, and she will have the same symptoms of an old woman.  Estrogen dictates this.

Restoring hormones naturally to optimal levels, tells the brain you’re in a state of reproduction (even though you’re not), and the brain begins to get hungry to reproduce (libido). You will not be able to get pregnant because you no longer have any eggs. The hard part is finding a doctor who knows how to optimize hormones in a biomimetic, rhythmic fashion. They don’t teach hormone replacement in medical schools so for heaven sake, don’t go to your general practitioner and ask for hormones. They’ll say something ignorant like estrogen causes cancer. 

Estrogen dictates libido. No estrogen, no libido. No libido, no life…. literally.

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