Moxie is a website that takes a position on estrogen, menstrual health, menopause, perimenopause, and hormone therapy treatments that are not main-stream and could be considered controversial.  The position taken is based off of thousands of patients, formal hormone replacement therapy education, personal experiences, and clinical findings. Moxie takes a position of Functional Menopause Medicine which addresses the root cause of perimenopause, menopause, PMS, and Hormone Replacement Therapies, and treat it as naturally as possible, mimicking healthy human function.

Along with a trained, experienced, and qualified physician, women should have the freedom to choose which treatment will work best for her regarding her menopause and health however, both physicians and women have no resources of value to educate themselves on what hormone treatments are available, how they work, how to prescribe them, or how to manage them.  Doctors are flying by the seat of their pants with no education, training, or experience in hormone replacement therapies.  There are a handful of ways to “balance” hormones, and doctors haven’t a clue how to do either unless they sought formal hormone replacement therapy (HRT) training outside medical school, only 5% have formal training.  Doctors are prescribing hormones with no knowledge of what they’re doing, and are not forthright to their patients about their lack of knowledge, training, and experience.  When a patient makes a doctor’s appointment with their primary care provider to check hormones, the doctor isn’t sure of what labs to take, if any, or how to intelligently administer hormones.  When dosing hormones for patients, doctors are referring to the package insert in the sample boxes for direction, like putting together IKEA furniture. This is why many women are going crazy trying to get good hormones.

Physicians and women alike are aware of the results of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) relating to hormone replacement therapy. Unfortunately, the general public, including physicians, does not fully understand the nuances of the WHI study.  There are significant flaws of the study that aren’t addressed and this is the study by which sets the standard of care for HRT.  In addition, most have become fearful of cancer and tumors as a result of this ignorant study.  A lot of women stopped taking hormones and doctors have stopped prescribing them to patients due inaccurate and insufficient findings.  The public is afraid of estrogen and they shouldn’t be.  We need our doctors to become educated and trained in the proper way to restore a woman’s hormones that hits each woman’s “Hormone Sweet Spot”

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