PMS: Where Dr. Hyman Gets It Wrong.  Many people love Dr. Mark Hyman and being the Godfather of Functional Medicine, he has a real following of women and practitioners that look up to him for advice and direction. I’ve had the privilege to listen to Dr. Hyman lecture on numerous occasions over the past 15 years, and find most of his teachings enlightening with the exception of one, estrogen and estrogen deficiency conditions such as PMS.  Dr. Hyman talks about estrogen with little knowledge and clinical experience in advanced hormone therapies.

In an article entitled How to Eliminate PMS in 5 Simple Steps, Dr. Hyman gives some misinformation that could be confusing for women. He states the cause of PMS:

“The real cause for PMS is simply this: Your hormones become unbalanced, your estrogen levels increase and progesterone levels decrease, either relatively or absolutely.”

This statement couldn’t be more false and I’m not sure where he is getting his data because the opposite is true for estrogen. It’s unclear how many hormone patients Dr. Hyman has and I don’t think he has a hormone clinic of which he can gather his data himself but if he were to take a moment in his clinic and measure labs over time, he’d see that women with PMS have low estrogen levels which in turn will create lower progesterone levels. In addition, he’d see that by increasing estrogen levels to optimal, his patients would never have another day of PMS.

It’s been my clinical experience that women get PMS when their estrogen falls too low for too long, and if estrogen were restored to optimal levels, PMS is non-existent. This is not difficult to establish if the doctor knows what they’re doing but doctors like Dr. Hyman who are not hormone experts give a lot of false information. Dr. Hyman may be the Godfather of Functional Medicine, but he is way off on his PMS theory. I can’t imagine he has happy PMS patients because he doesn’t address the real problem of estrogen deficiency.

Doctors who are afraid of estrogen due to lack of education, training, and clinical experience will give women the wrong information and keep them estrogen deficient. The mindset of your practitioner will make or break you so it’s important to go to someone with real knowledge and experience in such things.

My 5 Simple Steps for getting rid of PMS:

  1. Clean up your diet, get rid of junk food, eat an ancestral diet.
  2. Break a sweat everyday. Exercise will stimulate ovaries into production.
  3. Sleep 7-8 hours when the sun is down.
  4. Balance your gut microbiota. An unhealthy gut microbiome will shut down your ovaries and under produce estrogen.
  5. Take hormone therapy if you can’t get your estrogen in optimal ranges.

PMS is a horrible condition women are told they have to live with but the truth is they do not.  It’s estrogen in healthy amounts that reverses and prevents PMS indefinitely. If you’re suffering from PMS, follow the above simple steps above and if you need help, contact me.

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