Becoming a Patient


Your work with Moxie begins with a 30-minute in person, or globally via Skype ($50), to establish a health and hormone history. It’s in this visit you will discuss your current health and hormone challenges and goals. Moxie will assess you and discuss the packages offered and once a package is decided on, the $50 consultation fee will be applied to any program you choose.

Once you’ve chosen and paid for the package that addresses your goals, you will be sent an email link for paperwork for a more extensive health history, diet and lifestyle diary, and other questionnaires to assist Moxie to customize your personal health plan.

After Moxie receives your finished paperwork, you will be sent an email to schedule your first coaching visit.  Coaching visits thereafter are set up in advance to stay on schedule with your goals.

If indicated, you will be referred to a hormone specialist for hormone prescriptions.

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