Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy

Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy. This is the headline by Milo Yiannopoulos that stirred up a lot of controversy for Steve Bannon and Breitbart News. It’s been all over the news as a reason to turn against Steve Bannon hoping to expose his true character with what he allows on this news site. Most of my readers know I’ve extensive professional education and research in Hormone Medicine, worked over a decade in a Hormone Medicine Specialty clinic, and launched a Hormone Medicine research foundation working with hundreds of women of all ages, and virtually every method and system of hormone replacement therapy. So, when I saw the morning news splash this article up on the screen the last couple of days, I had to pull it up and see what the fuss was about because I didn’t see what the problem was. Why was everyone in such a tizzy?

For those who didn’t hear, Milo Yiannopoulos posted an article on Breitbart News by entitled, “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” in December of 2015 that many women and men found offensive. In fact the article was listed as one of Breitbart News’ Top 5 Worst Headlines and was barred on Twitter after being accused of inciting racist and sexist attacks on the actress Leslie Jones, told women that birth control “makes you fat,” “makes your voice unsexy,” “makes you jiggle wrong,” “makes you a slut” and “makes you unsexy all the time.” He stated many harsh things where I can see where most women would jump at the opportunity to say this guy’s a schumck. Though his tone comes off as offensive and judgmental, and no woman wants to hear female related anything come out of the mouth of a man, but could there be any truth to what he’s saying about women being fat and mental on birth control? I’m not saying what Milo Yiannopoulos said about Leslie Jones is right, in fact it’s unacceptable and emotionally immature, but like anyone else, Milo has a right to his opinion with his interactions with women who’ve been on birth control. Have you ever read the package insert in the birth control pill box? It’s not big news what happens to women who take it, it’s listed in black and white.

Although Milo Yiannopoulos comes off as a disgruntled teenager, he is right with regards to what happens to a woman’s brain and body when they go on birth control. He appears to be knowledgeable than most men (and women) with how estrogen affects a woman’s brain and body. I actually don’t blame him as a man with what he has to put up with when around an estrogen deficient woman. What many don’t realize is birth control puts a woman in chemical menopause but everyone has to pay the price in one way or another. There are 9 miserable side effects to chemical birth control he addressed I’d like to comment on for a Hormone Medicine consultant’s clinical perspective:

1. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU FAT—This is very true, kind of. Milo talks specifically about DMPA, an injectable birth control like the brand Depo-Provera®. I’d like to clarify that any chemical given to a woman, whether injectable or oral, will cause her body to no longer produce estrogen. This will put a woman, no matter her age, into “chemical menopause”. What we have come to find is that estrogen affects every function in the female body right down to the core of every cell. The brain and body are significantly dependent on adequate (reproductive) levels of estrogen pumping in the blood, and when estrogen is not abundantly flowing through a woman, no matter how old she is, she will get fat and be unreasonable to be around most of the time. Everyone knows the best way to fatten up a female pig is to disrupt her ovarian function by way of spaying to shut off estrogen production. Taking away estrogen creates menopause. Estrogen levels indicate to the brain what stage of life a woman is in, and low levels of estrogen indicate a woman is in a state of post production signaling it’s time to “check out” and make way for the next generation so to speak. This triggers a mental and physical decline getting worse the lower estrogen gets. Chemical birth control tricks the brain into thinking a woman is producing enough estrogen so it shuts off her own estrogen production. You can see the change in body composition and personality of household pets, male and female, after they’ve been fixed. It’s not necessarily birth control that makes a woman fat and unable to lose it, it such low levels of estrogen that are the culprit.

When a patient can’t lose weight we take a look to see if it’s due to ovarian dysfunction (under producing estrogen), we find out why they’re not producing what they should then get their own body to trigger production with a nutrient dense diet, good sleep hygiene, a sound gut microbiome, and removing any endocrine disruptors. There is usually a reason a woman cannot produce enough estrogen. Increasing estrogen levels intrinsically or extraneously, changes brain and body function and indicates a different stage in life, (reproduction) so the body changes shape to indicate such (by dropping fat and increased muscles tone to prepare for reproduction), and demeanor calms and softens.

2. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOUR VOICE UNSEXY—Milo Yiannopoulos is correct when he wrote:

“Women sound most attractive to men when their estrogen levels are high, and their progesterone levels are low. Birth control lowers the former and raises the latter, making women sound as erotically appealing as Bruce Jenner giving a croaky acceptance speech.”

It’s not so much birth control that makes a woman’s voice deeper as it’s due to low estrogen levels from taking chemical birth control. When estrogen gets too low in a woman of any age, she will no longer produce water and fluids the body needs to lube things up like our internal tissues, oral cavity, skin, joints, nails, hair, vagina, eyes, throat, etc. In addition to a lack of lube, muscles and tissues are in atrophy compromising function, which changes the voice of a woman to a deeper, strenuous tone. This is not appealing to men with adequate testosterone levels. It’s not as repulsive to men with low testosterone and increasing estrogen levels. Cisgender men with healthy testosterone levels are drawn to healthy estrogen levels in cisgender women. Cisgender women with healthy estrogen are drawn to healthy testosterone in cisgender men, no matter how old the person is.

3. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU JIGGLE WRONG—What he refers to with this statement is that the body composition and posture are just not right with women on the Pill, and he’s right. The body composition of a woman isn’t what it used to be like back in the 50s and earlier. Because of the Pill (a cease in estrogen production), fast food, poor sleep hygiene, muscle atrophy, an unhealthy gut microbiome, and shrinking bones, the posture and overall body composition will look more like a menopausal woman than a woman in reproductive prime. Estrogen levels dictate cravings, quality of sleep, health of gut, muscle tone, bone density, and how a woman will hold herself up and lift her chin and chest. Estrogen deficient women have bad posture.

4. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG MATES—I loved this one because he hit the nail on the head but not for what he states. He claims women on the Pill seek men who are closer to their own tribe, meaning that low estrogen women are not drawn to high testosterone men but rather seek, weak estrogen dominant, low testosterone men. This isn’t exactly true. Yes, low estrogen women are not drawn to testosterone dominant men but it’s not testosterone deficient men she’s drawn to. Estrogen deficient women aren’t drawn to anyone. Low estrogen signals a woman is no longer in a state of reproduction so she detaches from her significant other as she loses her libido. Her ability to make emotional attachments diminishes, and irrational behavior gets indefensibly unreasonable driving others away. Low estrogen women are lonely and bitter. Estrogen sound women don’t have that sharp bitterness to them.

Estrogen deficient women are emotionally broken, no matter how much therapy they get. Estrogen is the confidence hormone to women that testosterone is to men. Estrogen at low levels causes depression, severe anxiety, and suicidal and homicidal thoughts. Low estrogen levels create low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and low self-worth in women. Women have a hard time making confident, rational decisions when estrogen is in the tank and tend to choose men to control or to mend their problems. I believe women choose the wrong mates because their estrogen is too low. They search for the mate who can fix all their broken emotional parts estrogen deficiency causes. I’ve seen it hundreds of times when women get their estrogen sound again and the changes that take place in the brain and mental outlook. When a woman marries a man when she was estrogen deficient and gets her hormones where they should be, her relationship will be challenged as the self esteem, self confidence, and self worth emerge. I’ve coached many women who’ve become estrogen strong how to re-establish a new relationship with her significant other.

5. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU UNSEXY ALL THE TIME—This statement has a lot of truth for a reason. Estrogen levels dictate the stage of life a woman is in, low levels of estrogen program the mind she’s in postproduction and will not be interested in reproduction or anything associated with it. Estrogen levels of a healthy reproductive woman are somewhere in the 300-700 blood serum range on day 12 of the menstrual cycle, and an FSH <5. It’s in this range a women will be drawn to high testosterone men, want to be touched, have a good muscle to fat shoulder-waist-hip ratio, pleasant demeanor, increased pheromones, lubricated naughty bits, increased sensuality and sexuality, nipple-clitoral response, and tend to be more approachable.

6. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU A SLUT—I’m not so sure about this one because he’s insinuating women on the Pill are more likely to cheat. The way he explains it doesn’t make sense but I have seen women so insecure with such low estrogen levels that they will risk their relationship to be with someone who they think will make them feel better about themselves even for just a moment. Estrogen deficient women are lonely and insecure and long to make connections to no avail. Women on the Pill are not hornier or want to be with a manly man because they can’t control themselves like Milo Yiannopoulos states. They cheat because they’re so emotionally broken and think it will make them happy. The truth is, nothing makes a woman who’s estrogen deficient happy. Absolutely nothing will make a woman happy if her estrogen is in the tank. Estrogen sound women are less likely to cheat because they’re more secure with who they are and find contentment in what they have.

7. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES MEN UNMANLY—Spoken like an emotionally immature male, Milo Yiannopoulos says the Pill will cause your woman to nag at you and if she weren’t on the pill then she wouldn’t nag. There actually is some truth to this. Estrogen deficient women will never be happy and will complain at anything. Estrogen is the contentment hormone in women and when it remains too low or non-existent, women will be unreasonable, have responses that are out of proportion to the situation at hand, stir up trouble, and never really have an end in sight. Even if you do what she says will make her happy, it won’t if her estrogen is too low. She’s up one week and down the next.

8. BIRTH CONTROL GIVES YOU COTTAGE CHEESE THIGHS—This is true. Estrogen deficiency causes cottage cheese thighs. Estrogen levels dictate cellulite. If you’ve gotten it by now that women without enough estrogen will be fat and crazy, it should also trigger a response of why aren’t doctors keeping estrogen levels up so women’s bodies and brains aren’t compromised?

9. THE PILL MAY HAVE DESTROYED THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE—For most, this is the case but it’s not so much the Pill that caused it but the fact the Pill suppressed estrogen production so low a woman is no longer human and if coupled with anti-depressants, women don’t want to be touch and are numb about it. Most women are given anti-depressants and other drugs to treat the symptoms of estrogen deficiency instead of addressing the estrogen deficiency issue at the source. Women without estrogen are fat and moody and can’t be depended on. Her body is starved of the very hormone that tells her brain whether she wants to live or die, let alone contribute to a relationship.

Though Milo Yiannopoulos clearly has an opinion about he’s been affected by women affected by the Pill or injectable birth control, it’s not the Pill that’s causing all the problems, it’s low estrogen and a woman doesn’t have to be on the Pill to have low estrogen. It’s too bad that when young co-eds go to the doctor and complain about menstrual problems, headaches, depression, etc., the first line therapy is to prescribe birth control and anti-depressants. This is what’s making women crazy, and why I started a Hormone Medicine research foundation. If women’s estrogen was maintained at healthy levels as first line therapy, their brains and bodies wouldn’t fall apart so profoundly and rapidly. Women’s biggest challenge is finding a doctor who truly understands the impact estrogen has on her brain and body when she gets enough, what happens when she doesn’t, and how to properly manage it.

Can PMS Occur In The Middle Of Your Period?

Question: Can PMS occur during the middle of your period? Currently I’m in the middle of menstruation, and I’ve had mood swings, urges to cry and migraine/cramps for the past three days. Is this PMS related as it’s not before my period it’s during?

Moxie: PMS, mood swings, cramps, migraines, crying spells, and all the other horrible things PMS and PMDD bring are caused by estrogen levels falling too low. You will feel this way anytime your estrogen gets low which is usually right before your period but if you generally have low estrogen levels, you will feel like crap most of the time except those few days of your menstrual cycle when your estrogen is highest. Young women will have bi-polar-like behavior when their estrogen is low in their luteal phase, and feel good when estrogen higher in the follicular phase.

A horrible period means your estrogen is too low. If you had the right amount of estrogen, you wouldn’t have PMS or any of the symptoms associated with it. Your ovaries are under producing estrogen and the best way to get healthy menstrual cycles that are incident-free is to get out and move your body. Physical activity increases blood flow to our ovaries which in turn stimulates estrogen production. A crappy diet and poor sleep hygiene act as endocrine disruptors causing low estrogen production. Take care of your body. You have more control over how you feel than you think.  PMS is more of a choice of how you life your life.  

Perimenopause via Tubal Ligation

Most women don’t get the memo they will go into perimenopause if they get a tubal ligation. Over the last nearly 15 years working in the field of Hormone Medicine, I’ve been talking to women (and men) about hormones and hormone replacement therapies. Patients typically schedule a consultation with me before considering hormone therapy and I give them the run –down on what they can expect, what their responsibilities are, and what it might look like for them overall so they can make an informed decision as to whether hormone therapy is right for them and what kind. In this initial consultation, I listen to every patient as they give me their history of illness, symptoms, treatments, and medications. With hundreds of patients in a hormone specialty clinic, both men and women are quite frank about how they feel and what other providers have said to them. As with any field of specialty, complaints from patients tend to be the same and consistent from patient to patient and our patients are no exception.

Recently my cousin Claire reached out via text and asked if she could ask me a few questions regarding her health and Hormone Medicine. After reading her text messages out loud to a colleague, we looked at each other and smiled. We hear the same things from woman after woman no matter what her age is saying the exact same things. We chuckle because it’s almost verbatim as if they were all reading off the same script. Below is 38-year-old Cousin Claire’s random text messages indicating how miserable she is and what she tried to do about it. It’s not uncommon for women who’re low in estrogen to lose the ability to fluidly articulate the magnitude of how crappy they feel but this is a perfect example…

“On 1/4/16 I woke up very sick with a bad cold. Must have been some sort of infection because it wouldn’t go away so by February I went to the Nurse Practitioner. I was given a Z-Pak and told it was some type of bronchitis. After the round of antibiotics I still felt like crap but a bit better in March.  

In April I noticed my front teeth felt funny. It wasn’t until I felt some pain that I took note my front gums and lip were actually swollen. My regular dentist looked and took pictures and said maybe it’s an autoimmune problem. Another dentist a week later looked and said go to oral surgeon. Oral surgeon looked and said autoimmune.

Now I had awful headaches and couldn’t hardly function a full day at work. Exhausted and ended up with several panic attacks. Very unusual for me. Went to cardiologist and I have a very healthy heart, no concerns. I was tested for leukemia but that came back negative. Phew….    

I went to women’s health specialist who said they had no clue, but didn’t think it was hormonal in nature. I asked because I had my tubes tied two years ago and had missed a period. That also is weird.  

I had several blood tests all of which I could scan and email to you. Some thyroid stuff off but rheumatologist said no lupus (I had positive Ana test and symptoms that matched) and no thyroid disorder.

Finally got a new primary and she sent me to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist. They said I had an enlarged thyroid and needed to see an endocrinologist.   My symptoms are odd and off the wall. Just had another abnormal period. That is the short version of it…  

My symptoms: 

  • Swollen red gums
  • Severe headaches
  • Muscle soreness/pain not from exercising
  • Exhaustion
  • Foggy brain
  • Frequent nausea
  • No appetite
  • Depression
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Odd periods
  • Cramping to the point of feeling awful even when I didn’t have my period
  • Extremely dry, itchy skin

It feels like all the “specialists” I have seen think I’m crazy, except the dentist who believes me but can’t help me. I’ve been pushed from one person to another. My old primary told me this pain might be my new normal. I won’t accept it. This is not normal.

I think the exercise I do is the only thing keeping me from really getting too low. There are days and weeks that exercise is too hard and I can’t do it. But if I skip for too long my depression comes back too strongly. I’m obsessed with running and will at least do a mile if I can tie my sneakers. That is my happy place (that is when my chest pain – apparently fake – isn’t bothering me).”

It frustrates me how women have to deal with this like being on the exercise wheel of conventional medicine. The truth is doctors are purposely left in the dark with regards to what causes all these symptoms and what to do about it. The reality is every symptom, including her angioneurotic edema, is a result of estrogen deficiency.  When estrogen is right, none of these symptoms exist in our patients. As estrogen becomes healthy, each issue diminishes for most to nothing. Our modern medical model ships women from specialist to specialist as if we are all parts. There isn’t one function in the female body that estrogen does not affect so piece-mealing medicine doesn’t make sense. Every cell in a woman’s body depends on healthy levels of estrogen so when it gets too low, our body will fall apart all over the place, mentally, physically, and physiologically. If physicians were properly educated as to the true benefits of our main-sex hormones, it would be first-line therapy to check levels up front. Doing this would save time, money, medications, and mental and physical misery.

Tubal ligation will cause a woman to go into premature perimenopause within 1 to 3 years post surgery due to lack of blood flow to the ovaries.  Though tubal ligation does not directly affect estrogen production, reducing the blood supply to the ovaries will cause them to malfunction and not produce supercritical estrogen in health amounts.  Dysfunctioning ovaries under produce estrogen, if at all, leaving women estrogen deficient.   Women who are hormonally sound don’t feel the way Claire does. I tend to get a little giddy when I hear women tell me their stories because I know the impact their new hormone therapy will have on them over the next few months. They have no idea how much their lives are going to change. Their symptoms will go away and will feel alive again if done correctly. The greatest impact of intelligently administered hormones like Panacea|HRT is what it does to the brain of a woman. I can always tell by the look in a female patient’s eyes when she has plenty of estrogen running through her blood. It’s like the light goes back on.

Janet Jackson’s Postpartum Expectations


Janet Jackson’s birth.  It’s big news Janet Jackson gives birth at 50. The media is having a heyday with discussions of celebrity women in their 40s and 50s giving birth. Posted today in the Lifestyle-Beauty section of the news magazine The Telegraph is just such an article entitled, “As Janet Jackson announces the birth of her son, here’s what to expect from pregnancy in your late forties” about how wonderful it is for women to give birth as such a late age and what you can expect from pregnancy in your late 40s. No one really gives any good information in articles like this one, almost like the article was a link to current news for exposure with no real useful information. In this article, the unnamed author listed tips from fertility expert Emma Cannon who gives some generic pregnancy advise but no one really addresses what Janet Jackson can expect having a child at 50.

Though many think there’s no problem with a woman having a child at 50, there are some things a woman must truly consider with having a child at such a late age. Let me start with saying I’m surprised Janet was able to get pregnant at all. Women in their 50s typically have very low estrogen levels which is a big factor of whether a woman will get pregnant or not. Most ovaries have shut down adequate estrogen production, which makes it more difficult to get pregnant. A woman may be able to get pregnant at 50 but her estrogen will be so low after birth that her brain and body will not only not “bounce back” postpartum, but her estrogen production would be less than before she got pregnant, and continue a rapid decline until the tank is empty.

Women without enough estrogen are not tolerant, patient, or calm. They’re not teachable. They’re responses are out of proportion to the situation at hand. They have horrible migraines, headaches, and mood swings. They feel like the walking dead, can’t sleep and constantly crave bad carbs and refined sugar. They can’t remember anything and cry at everything. They’re not dependable and are augmentative.   Nothing makes an estrogen deficient woman happy. Nothing makes a woman without estrogen happy. Women without estrogen can’t stand the sound of children’s voices and have a difficult time emotionally connecting to others, including her own children. Estrogen deficient women are controlling, moody, and unpredictable. Women without estrogen are not happy campers to say the least. I would not want to be the child of an estrogen deficient women and no woman in her 50s has adequate levels of estrogen and it gets worse if she has children as her body is ready to throw in the reproductive towel.

Janet Jackson can expect to feel miserable mentally and physically if she doesn’t address her low estrogen issue she’s about to face in a couple months. When women have children in their early to mid twenties, their ovaries are more likely to kick back in with adequate estrogen production, making them better at being a mom. Depression and anxiety will be too much to handle.  It’s mentally and physically impossible to be a mom with no estrogen so the best thing Janet Jackson can do is find a good Hormone Medicine doctor who knows how to intelligently administer estrogen to optimal levels. This will allow Janet to bond with her son and not be at the mercy of her estrogen deficient brain and body falling apart.


Menopause Is A Choice

Menopause is optional. Menopause is a choice. Women don’t realize it but they never have to experience menopause at all. Women are told menopause is a natural part of being a woman. We’re told our brains and bodies are going to fall apart after child-bearing years until we die. At least that’s the consensus of several hundred Hormone Medicine patients in Northern California I’ve worked with for over a decade.   Most of my patients are in a place in their lives where they have pubescent teenagers living at home and rapidly aging parents they have some responsibility to care for. Perimenopause is one of the hardest times in a woman’s life because she isn’t expecting the “silent decline” of her brain and body. Women who’ve waited until their mid-thirties to have children tend to have a more rapid mental and physical decline postpartum due to already declining levels pre-pregnancy. Perimenopause, like puberty is a process over a period of time that involves changing main-sex hormone levels, and neither the perimenopausal woman nor pubescent teen have enough hormones to carry on a rational conversation or thought. Add in an andropausal man and life at home is a miserable existence.

A tough reality for perimenopausal women is they see how their mother is mentally and physically declining, and all the ailments and medication prescriptions to manage a physical existence. Who wants that life? Women have been told they have to live with all the mental and physical symptoms they complain to the doctor about and given prescription drugs to numb and silence them. It’s not all the doctors fault. Doctors have been left in the dark about main-sex hormones and the impact they have on the brain and body when patients have enough, what happens when they don’t have enough, and how to properly fix the problem at the source. Taking medications for symptoms of low estrogen doesn’t make sense to me but that’s how our modern medical model works in this country; keep the patient deficient and sick and maintain symptoms with drugs and procedures.

Robert A. Wilson, MD was a pioneer in Hormone Medicine and published several articles and studies in support of high dose estrogen therapy. He wrote an article in 1964 published in the Delaware Medical Journal entitled, The Obsolete Menopause that stated…

“In the past, because the menopause happened to every woman, it was generally thought to be normal. So long as there was no remedy, this was a comforting, almost necessary idea. Today the effects of estrogen and progesterone deficiency are so completely documented that to list them would be repetitious. We know that menopausal women are not normal; they suffer from a deficiency disease with serious sequelae and need treatment.”

After many years of Hormone Medicine research, education, training, and clinical experience, we found what Dr. Wilson and his colleagues have said about intelligent administration of estrogen to be true. Menopause is an estrogen deficiency condition. Menopause is truly an option. Menopause will soon be something only our foremothers suffered from. I started Panacea Sciences Foundation for HRT Research, Development & Education in 2014 to build on the work of Hormone Medicine pioneers like Wilson, Masters, Shorr, Currier, Greenblatt, Papanicolaou, Houck, Novak, and many others who looked outside conventional medicine and saw menopause as an estrogen deficiency condition. I feel it important to dig up the studies that have mysteriously disappeared from the National Library of Medicine in support of high dose estrogen therapies, and how PMS, perimenopause, and menopause are all reversible and preventable estrogen deficiency diseases. We also wanted to provide proper education and clinical training for intelligent estrogen administration to clinicians who see the truth in hormones. Doctors are hard pressed to find appropriate HRT training and millions of women are needlessly suffering from mental and physical conditions that need not exist if only their estrogen were sound.  Follow our website at Panacea Sciences for more information about trained and qualified Hormone Medicine experts.  The more you know about estrogen and how important it is to our brain and body, the better you can take control of your mental and physical health.  You’ll have to step outside the conventional medical model of disease management and make some pivotal diet, lifestyle, and endocrine changes.  Women have more control over their health than they realize. 

Our first formal clinical training for Panacea|HRT will be in the spring of 2017.   You you know of a physician who’d like more information on high dose estrogen protocols, have them to to  Take a look at the Panacea Directory to find a qualified Panacea|HRT physician and pharmacy. If you don’t find one in your area, come back for updates or find one who practices telemedicine. You don’t have to suffer from menopause ever. Maintaining optimal estrogen levels protects the brain and body from deterioration and decay. Menopause is a choice.


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