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Marie Hoäg, MBA

Marie Hoäg, MBA is a Clinical Hormone Expert and Hormone Health Coach.  She has extensive education and training in Functional, Nutritional, Lifestyle, and Anti-Aging Medicine, with hundreds of hours of fellowship education and ongoing continuing education from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine, and Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine.

She’s worked in a menopause and hormone clinic as a Hormone Health Coach for over 12 years and thousands of patients, is the founder and CEO of Panacea Sciences, and the co-developer of the The Panacea Protocol Lifestyle Hormone Medicine Program to help women of all ages get to their “Hormone Sweet Spot”.   She hosts a radio show called Menopause Talk Radio where candidly she discusses controversial topics pertaining to estrogen, PMS, PCOS, hormones, menstrual health, perimenopause, menopause, female health and Millennial health.  

Marie has a specialty consulting practice and clinical application training program for for physicians and physician extenders who want to learn how intelligently administer advanced bioidentical hormone therapy to get women’s hormones to their “Hormone Sweet Spot”, and transition their practices into a niche Menopause and HRT Specialty medical practice.  Through Panacea Sciences, she offers a turnkey system for practitioners that include all the information and materials needed to transition a conventional, insurance-based medical practice into a fee-for-service menopause wellness center, including the hormone replacement therapy clinical application training physicians need for a successful HRT practice.  In addition to consulting physicians, Marie takes on a few clients at a time with a Hormone Health Coaching program for health coaches who want to offer women coaching services to help them get to their”Hormone Sweet Spot”.

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Moxie Menopause

Moxie Menopause is Marie’s alter ego.  You’ll see Moxie her expressing herself with adequate hormones, and without enough hormones, on her comic strip MoxieToons.  

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