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Marie Hoäg, MBA is a Clinical Hormone Expert and Hormone Health Coach.  She started this website to talk about her personal and professional experiences with regards to hormones and hormone deficiency diseases.  She’s worked in a menopause and hormone clinic for over 10 years and extensive education and training in advanced hormone restoration therapies.  She’s the co-developer of the The Panacea Protocol™ and a high-dose estrogen advocate.  She hosts a radio show called Menopause Talk Radio where candidly she discusses controversial topics pertaining to estrogen, hormones and menopause.  She’s currently building a research foundation for advanced hormone restoration therapies and education.


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Moxie Menopause is Marie’s alter ego.  You’ll see Moxie her expressing herself with adequate hormones, and without enough hormones, on her comic strip MoxieToons.  She’s a relatable peri-menopausal/menopausal woman whose just recently had her hormones properly balanced.

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