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High Dose Estrogen: A Patient’s Experience

High dose estrogen is a controversial approach to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because it pushes the boundaries of conventional medicine HRT by giving patients high enough doses of hormones to change functioning and messaging in the mind and body of the patient. This means prescribing hormones high enough, as the patient’s body indicates, until all the symptoms of hormonal deficiency are gone, and blood labs concur.

I worked in a hormone clinic for ten years where high dose estrogen was prescribed. We got many volunteer testimonials patients would send us because of the life changing experiences they were having. Cleaning out some files the other day, I come across this patient testimonial I saved without the patient’s name. I may not remember the patient’s name but I’ve read this testimonial from many patients who switched to high dose estrogen. When the clinic started using high dose estrogen, testimonials like the one below poured in:

“I used to think having a happily committed marriage was enough the kind of relationship where it was important to be there for one another as friends, and as lovers. But, as lovers our sexual relationship was more one-sided. My husband thought about sex and I thought about how much he thought about sex. Even though I hadn’t refused the man I’m deeply in love with, I rarely initiated making love to him. In fact, I often tried to avoid the issue altogether in small, subtle ways that let him know it wasn’t good timing for me. I was careful not to encourage him by doing things, such as undressing in front of him or holding and kissing him (which is mostly only what I desired) because I knew it would lead to more than what I wanted for the moment. My husband was confused and I wondered myself why, for no apparent reason, couldn’t I respond to him? An invisible hardline was drawn between us that I tried to ignore. 

Out of discouragement he asked why I didn’t want to make love to him more often, so I compared my sexual desire to his love for fishing. He absolutely loved to fish, but didn’t go very often. Seemed simple enough. But, deep inside of me I wanted more for us – I wanted to desire him the way he desired me and no matter how hard I tried, it never happened. Eventually, I decided this was not the quality of life I was willing to accept. I wanted to feel sexy again, and I became determined to discover what the problem might be. 

This is when I learned I was existing with almost no estrogen in my body. I learned I was aging rapidly, and my health was deteriorating. I physically hurt all over; achy joints, muscles, and bones, bloating, foggy thinking, anxiety heart palpitations, and vaginal dryness of all things. Oh, and I often had very bad headaches and migraines. There were many other symptoms I didn’t even consider that related to hormone deficiency. I really didn’t like myself much anymore, and I couldn’t get away from myself either. I also knew I wasn’t alone in this because I have talked to many women just like myself who didn‘t understand what has been happening to them. We all thought we were really going crazy, like crazy old hags.

I began hormone replacement therapy with Internist, James Nagel, MD located in Chico, CA. It was a slow start for me because my body wasn‘t initially responding like I was hoping. To keep from being discouraged, I set a goal to do my best and to commit to everything Dr. Nagel asked of me, including changing the way I ate so that everything I was eating, was encouraging my hormones in a supportive role to function to optimal levels. I kept a diagnostic journal, started walking with my friend’s, and went to sleep by 10:00pm. A total change needed to take place and I felt like this was my only hope. I finally felt like someone understood what was happening to my body and knew for certain what to do about it, and I was getting the support to see me through this journey.

And then I noticed… my body started accepting the hormones and the symptoms of menopause began to disappear. The first change I noticed was my hair stopped falling out and I started sleeping all night. I began dreaming again, and rarely woke-up in the morning feeling bloated. Now, my headaches are rare and I‘ve stopped aching all over. Vaginal dryness is no longer a concern. I feel great! Then the fun part began: my body began to get curvy again, and reshaping as the weight dropped off. I have a lot of energy now with no foggy brain. This was great! I started feeling better about how I looked, giving more thought to how I dressed. The “comfortable” underwear I’ve always worn weren’t working for me any longer and I began wearing the sexy kind of panties I thought I’d never wear again. I actually find myself planning to undress at the perfect time my husband walks into the room so I can arouse him! Who is this woman?

My mind has completely opened up, and I regularly have thoughts of making love to my husband. I anxiously wait for him to come home from his day at work so we can be together. My libido has skyrocketed and our routine kisses are passionate. His scent allures me. Every touch from him expands all over my body! Now, we have a flirty relationship, which we both know will lead to, well, whatever we want. I don’t avoid him anymore and his voice and touch stopped annoying me. We are able to communicate by openly sharing with each other intimate thoughts- crossing the line that once came between us.

If only other women knew they didn’t have to settle for what I almost settled for. While having a happy marriage is paramount and wonderful, there is so much more. I am deeply happy and truly desire him sexually as much (or more) as he desires me. He feels so loved and has said, “this is a dream come true.”   I couldn’t agree more.”

High dose estrogen is controversial because women get rid of the diseases, disorders, and conditions caused by estrogen deficiency, unlike conventional low dose estrogen most doctors prescribed designed to keep women estrogen deficient but manage the symptoms of estrogen deficiency. I started and facilitate a Facebook Group called The Estrogen Girls Club™ for women who want to know more about high dose estrogen, or who are on high dose estrogen wanting to meet other hormonally balanced female friends. Feel free to request to join and ask questions.

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