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Fountain of Youth: hGH

Fountain of Youth: hGH

Human Growth Hormone and It’s Benefits

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Human growth hormone is the hormone that activates during early teenage years to start promoting growth of the long bones and causes rapid growth of the teenager into their early 20s. It generally is produced at 5 to 10 times the amount as it is produced during adulthood. It begins to taper off after about 20 and by the age of 25 we actually enter what is known as somatopause, Which represents the gradual decline of human growth hormone. The optimal levels of human growth hormone really appreciate around age 24.

In adulthood from age 25 on, human growth hormone represents primarily the growth healing and repair hormone of the body. It works with all of the other hormones including estrogen and testosterone to sculpt the body and promote a flat stomach. It helps to maintain the strength of the muscles and the repair of the muscles as well as the joints and bones. It keeps the hair, eyes, skin looking beautiful.

It is responsible for maintaining great athleticism and training response to exercise as well as the recovery phase. It is extremely important at maintaining the health of the brain and is responsible for promoting the development of the neurotrophic growth factors that maintain healthy brain function and integration. By the time we reach age 50 were producing about one third the amount of human growth hormone that we did in our early 20s. By the time we are 80 years of age were producing about 15% of the human growth hormone we did in our early 20s.

When human growth hormone is low the symptoms of low human growth hormone look identical to the symptoms of major depression as outlined in the DMS IV. It contributes to the frailty syndrome of aging and low hgh is also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. When human growth hormone gets low we experience precocious aging. Human growth hormone deficiency is extremely common with aging hand without human growth hormone supplementation we will age with multiple degenerative diseases.

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Progesterone: The Yin

Progesterone: The Yin

Follow along with the show on the slides above or the outline below.

The Tao of Hormones

Estrogen + Progesterone = one “main-sex” hormone

Progesterone and Estrogen work together as one main-sex hormone, instead of two separate hormones.  Estrogen and progesterone are reciprocal hormones.  Each hormone needs the other to survive.

All the hormones work together in the body but two hormones in the female body need to be looked at as two half of one, main-sex hormone which includes Estrogen and Progesterone. 

Each of these two hormones allows the other to function to its fullest and as one.  When one of these two hormones isn’t working well, neither will. Estrogen levels typically dictate progesterone levels, and vice versa, all other hormone levels in the female body.  

Hormone Life-Span Cycle

  • Hormones have a life-span cycle that’s dictated by hormone blood levels.
  • The hormone blood levels tell the brain what state of her hormone life-span cycle she’s in.
  • After menarche, a woman can be in any stage of the hormone life-span cycle.
  • You can see where a woman is in her hormone life-span cycle by taking a blood test.

Hormone Life-Span Stages

  • Stage one:                  Prepubescent
  • Stage two:                  Pubescent
  • Stage three:               Re-production
  • Stage four:                 Peri-production
  • Stage five:                  Post-production

Hormones have reproductive stages that dictate which stage a woman is in based on blood serum levels.  A woman’s hormone levels will tell her brain what stage of her reproductive life cycle she’s in based on the reading. The healthiest place for a woman to be is in a state of reproduction.  The hormones protect the body from the aging process.

The Significance of Hormones

  • Hormones dictate everything in our body
  • Turn genes “on” or  “off”
  • Decides which genes to turn on or off
  • A woman’s sex hormones communicate directly with the genes in her body and tells those genes to turn on or turn off brought on by environmental signals.
  • Sex hormones decide which genes to turn on or turn off in the nucleus of every cell in the human body.

The Tao of Estrogen

  • The Grand Poobah
  • The Great Communicator
  • The Great Dictator
  • The Great Healer
  • The Great Protector
  • The Great Up-regulator

Since estrogen and progesterone are to be viewed as one main-sex hormone (because one doesn’t work without the other) we’re going to take a look at what each hormone’s general role is. To understand the significance of progesterone, we need to understand estrogen and the co-dependent relationship between the two.

Estrogen is the Grand Poobah of all hormones.  All hail Estrogen.  Estrogen gives woman life.  Without it, a woman is the walking dead.

Estrogen is the great communicator.  Estrogen communicates with every cell of a woman’s body. It tells the brain and body what to do.  The brain and body do what estrogen tells it do.  It is the “#bossy” hormone.  It’s the wonder woman hormone that allows us to shine and conquer. When estrogen is healthy and strong, all other hormones are healthy and strong.  When estrogen is depleted and deficient, all other hormones become depleted and deficient.

Not only does estrogen communicate with every cell in the female body, it allows women the ability to make emotional connections with people; husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, co-workers, any one she come into contact it.  You can tell if a woman has optimal levels of estrogen running through her blood by the way she carries herself and the way she interacts with others.  Estrogen is the “plays well with others” hormone.

There isn’t one function in the female body that isn’t effected by a woman’s estrogen.

Estrogen dictates everything.  A woman’s estrogen level will tell her body what state of her hormone life-span cycle she’s in.  It will dictate whether a woman will get cancer, get a tumor, get pregnant, get high blood pressure, get a stroke, get high cholesterol, get depressed, and even getting laid.

Estrogen is the great healer.  When estrogen is restored to optimal levels mimicking a woman in a state of re-production in her hormone life-span cycle, that tells the brain to rebuild and repair the body to get it up to par for re-production.  The body responds by raising a woman’s spirits and making her easier to get along with, it speeds up fat metabolism so it’s easier for her to get her stomach flat enough to get back into the “game”, she gets a libido so she can mate.

Estrogen is the great protector, protecting our bodies from the degenerative diseases of aging, including cancer, brain tumors, heart attack, and stroke.

Estrogen levels dictate which stage a woman is in her life-span cycle.

Estrogen up regulates progesterone receptors.

The Tao of Progesterone

Progesterone is the secondary main-sex hormone for women to estrogen.  It allows estrogen to gain control while it keeps the peace.  It allows a woman to sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.  It’s the “calm in the storm” hormone. It is the job of Progesterone to regulate the genes that cause all of a woman’s cells in her brain and body to grow, differentiate, or die.  When cycling correctly, it up regulates estrogen receptors so the body can utilize the estrogen and peak high enough to trigger an up regulation of progesterone receptors.  It’s need to keep the cycle of life going. 

Progesterone is one of the elite regulatory hormones that help other hormones regulate, and restores proper cell oxygen levels. 

Progesterone prevents cancer and reduces anxiety contributing to chronic disease.

Progesterone facilitate thyroid hormone function and protects the heart.

Hormone Tides

Each hormone has a tide that has controlled fluctuations that can be monitored and charted.  It works similarly to ocean tides as you can see on the next slide.  I put a graph of an estrogen tide on a 28 day cycle next to a 24 hour ocean tide to give a visual as to how the moon effects our hormone tides not much different than an ocean tide.

Estrogen has a tide. Progesterone has a tide. Testosterone has a tide. Thyroid has a tide.  And all the hormone tides are different.

Estrogen and progesterone are designed to dance to the rhythm of the universe.  It’s a specific dance choreographed to make the other perform better.

They both up regulate the other’s receptor so the body can utilize the hormones it produces.

Progesterone Tide Cycle

Menstruating women produce low levels of progesterone in the first part of her cycle.  By day 14 of a woman’s cycle, her progesterone begins to incline to a peak on days 21-22 of her cycle.

If a woman produces high enough levels of progesterone at this time, (10-20 blood level) she will up regulate estrogen receptors to prepare for the estrogen peak on days 12-13 of the following cycle.  If no peak in progesterone, there will be no up regulation of estrogen receptors, therefore, a woman will not be able to utilize the estrogen she produces and will try to detoxify the estrogen out of the body through other means of which are not desirable.

 Estrogen Tide Cycle 

Day one of a woman’s cycle is the day she starts her period.  Even women who no longer have periods still have hormone cycles.  A woman’s body doesn’t stop stop cycling after she stops menstruating. By day six of a woman’s cycle, her estrogen levels should be high enough to signal the brain to shut off the bloody faucet.

If a woman has a period that lasts longer than six to seven days, her estrogen levels haven’t gotten high enough to tell the brain to shut off the blood flow.

By days 12-13 (which should be full moon if cycling properly) a woman’s estrogen is at its peak (Follicular Peak) of the month.  If estrogen gets high enough (300-500 blood levels) the brain will trigger an up regulation of progesterone receptors so the body can utilize the progesterone a woman is going to produce in the luteal or second half of her cycle.

Around day 14, the estrogen plummets to an month-time low by 17-18 of a woman’s cycle.  This is the most bitchy time of the month for a woman.  She isn’t able to cope with much because her coping hormone (estrogen) is nearly non-existent.

Estrogen has another peak on days 21-22 (Luteal Peak) of her cycle due to the “Progesterone Pull” caused by the peak in progesterone on this day.

Estrogen will decline again to another low point by day 28 and lasting until around day 6.

Fourth Generation HRT

  • Bioidentical
  • Optimal Dose
  • Cyclic/Rhythmic  dose
  • Transdermal


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