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Weight Gain

Shoulder-Waist-Hip Ratio and Estrogen

As a Clinical Hormone Health Coach of over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege to witness thousands of women’s bodies make a physical transformation as they made their way to the “Hormone Sweet Spot” with the Panacea Protocol. One of the reasons I’m such a huge advocate of high dose estrogen therapies is because of how the physical body of a woman will do a reversal and restoration to as close to a reproductive aged woman to varying degrees because of estrogen levels. It’s no clinical secret that when women lose their estrogen, they lose their bodies as well. Even farmer’s know the best way to fatten up a sow is to remove the ovaries so pigs will stop producing estrogen and fatten up.

It is well documented that once women no longer produce “reproductive levels” of estrogen, her body (and mind) fall apart. Overall estradiol levels dictate what stage of life a woman is in. When estrogen is low, the brain thinks it’s time to check out and make way for the next generation and fat gets redistributed. When estrogen is not produced in healthy amounts in women no matter how old they are, fat mass increases and distribution changes. When estrogen is low, fat accumulates in the abdomen, upper arms, and back. In, addition, when estrogen is too low for too long, muscles will atrophy, tissues dehydrate, and bones get holes. The overall structure of the estrogen deficient female body is designed to deteriorate at a slow pace as fat in the belly, arms, and back increase.

When estrogen is in a particular range, meaning high enough but not too high, the brain of the woman thinks she’s in a state of reproduction so the body tries to replicate the shoulder-waist-hip ratio of a healthy reproductive female. Hormones are messengers, and when estrogen is too low, the brain and body responds in a negative way, when estrogen is sound, the brain and body also respond, but in a positive way.   When estrogen is sound, it’s a lot easier to lose fat for women. In addition, the muscle tone comes back and bones dense up for “reproductive purposes”, so the brain thinks. As estrogen is toning up muscles, the heart gets strong as well, as it too, is a muscle. This is why women get heart palpitations and shortness of breath when they get older with estrogen loss.

The goal is to get your hormones into a “Hormone Sweet Spot” so your brain and body won’t deteriorate or decline as it would without enough supercritical estrogen. You actually have the power to reshape your body with more control over your shoulder-waist-hip ratio if you get on the right HRT system prescribed in the right amounts and in the right way.

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Tchernof A, Poehlman ET, Després JP. Body fat distribution, the menopause transition, and hormone replacement therapy. Diabetes Metab. 2000;26(1):12-20.

Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy

Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy. This is the headline by Milo Yiannopoulos that stirred up a lot of controversy for Steve Bannon and Breitbart News. It’s been all over the news as a reason to turn against Steve Bannon hoping to expose his true character with what he allows on this news site. Most of my readers know I’ve extensive professional education and research in Hormone Medicine, worked over a decade in a Hormone Medicine Specialty clinic, and launched a Hormone Medicine research foundation working with hundreds of women of all ages, and virtually every method and system of hormone replacement therapy. So, when I saw the morning news splash this article up on the screen the last couple of days, I had to pull it up and see what the fuss was about because I didn’t see what the problem was. Why was everyone in such a tizzy?

For those who didn’t hear, Milo Yiannopoulos posted an article on Breitbart News by entitled, “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” in December of 2015 that many women and men found offensive. In fact the article was listed as one of Breitbart News’ Top 5 Worst Headlines and was barred on Twitter after being accused of inciting racist and sexist attacks on the actress Leslie Jones, told women that birth control “makes you fat,” “makes your voice unsexy,” “makes you jiggle wrong,” “makes you a slut” and “makes you unsexy all the time.” He stated many harsh things where I can see where most women would jump at the opportunity to say this guy’s a schumck. Though his tone comes off as offensive and judgmental, and no woman wants to hear female related anything come out of the mouth of a man, but could there be any truth to what he’s saying about women being fat and mental on birth control? I’m not saying what Milo Yiannopoulos said about Leslie Jones is right, in fact it’s unacceptable and emotionally immature, but like anyone else, Milo has a right to his opinion with his interactions with women who’ve been on birth control. Have you ever read the package insert in the birth control pill box? It’s not big news what happens to women who take it, it’s listed in black and white.

Although Milo Yiannopoulos comes off as a disgruntled teenager, he is right with regards to what happens to a woman’s brain and body when they go on birth control. He appears to be knowledgeable than most men (and women) with how estrogen affects a woman’s brain and body. I actually don’t blame him as a man with what he has to put up with when around an estrogen deficient woman. What many don’t realize is birth control puts a woman in chemical menopause but everyone has to pay the price in one way or another. There are 9 miserable side effects to chemical birth control he addressed I’d like to comment on for a Hormone Medicine consultant’s clinical perspective:

1. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU FAT—This is very true, kind of. Milo talks specifically about DMPA, an injectable birth control like the brand Depo-Provera®. I’d like to clarify that any chemical given to a woman, whether injectable or oral, will cause her body to no longer produce estrogen. This will put a woman, no matter her age, into “chemical menopause”. What we have come to find is that estrogen affects every function in the female body right down to the core of every cell. The brain and body are significantly dependent on adequate (reproductive) levels of estrogen pumping in the blood, and when estrogen is not abundantly flowing through a woman, no matter how old she is, she will get fat and be unreasonable to be around most of the time. Everyone knows the best way to fatten up a female pig is to disrupt her ovarian function by way of spaying to shut off estrogen production. Taking away estrogen creates menopause. Estrogen levels indicate to the brain what stage of life a woman is in, and low levels of estrogen indicate a woman is in a state of post production signaling it’s time to “check out” and make way for the next generation so to speak. This triggers a mental and physical decline getting worse the lower estrogen gets. Chemical birth control tricks the brain into thinking a woman is producing enough estrogen so it shuts off her own estrogen production. You can see the change in body composition and personality of household pets, male and female, after they’ve been fixed. It’s not necessarily birth control that makes a woman fat and unable to lose it, it such low levels of estrogen that are the culprit.

When a patient can’t lose weight we take a look to see if it’s due to ovarian dysfunction (under producing estrogen), we find out why they’re not producing what they should then get their own body to trigger production with a nutrient dense diet, good sleep hygiene, a sound gut microbiome, and removing any endocrine disruptors. There is usually a reason a woman cannot produce enough estrogen. Increasing estrogen levels intrinsically or extraneously, changes brain and body function and indicates a different stage in life, (reproduction) so the body changes shape to indicate such (by dropping fat and increased muscles tone to prepare for reproduction), and demeanor calms and softens.

2. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOUR VOICE UNSEXY—Milo Yiannopoulos is correct when he wrote:

“Women sound most attractive to men when their estrogen levels are high, and their progesterone levels are low. Birth control lowers the former and raises the latter, making women sound as erotically appealing as Bruce Jenner giving a croaky acceptance speech.”

It’s not so much birth control that makes a woman’s voice deeper as it’s due to low estrogen levels from taking chemical birth control. When estrogen gets too low in a woman of any age, she will no longer produce water and fluids the body needs to lube things up like our internal tissues, oral cavity, skin, joints, nails, hair, vagina, eyes, throat, etc. In addition to a lack of lube, muscles and tissues are in atrophy compromising function, which changes the voice of a woman to a deeper, strenuous tone. This is not appealing to men with adequate testosterone levels. It’s not as repulsive to men with low testosterone and increasing estrogen levels. Cisgender men with healthy testosterone levels are drawn to healthy estrogen levels in cisgender women. Cisgender women with healthy estrogen are drawn to healthy testosterone in cisgender men, no matter how old the person is.

3. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU JIGGLE WRONG—What he refers to with this statement is that the body composition and posture are just not right with women on the Pill, and he’s right. The body composition of a woman isn’t what it used to be like back in the 50s and earlier. Because of the Pill (a cease in estrogen production), fast food, poor sleep hygiene, muscle atrophy, an unhealthy gut microbiome, and shrinking bones, the posture and overall body composition will look more like a menopausal woman than a woman in reproductive prime. Estrogen levels dictate cravings, quality of sleep, health of gut, muscle tone, bone density, and how a woman will hold herself up and lift her chin and chest. Estrogen deficient women have bad posture.

4. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG MATES—I loved this one because he hit the nail on the head but not for what he states. He claims women on the Pill seek men who are closer to their own tribe, meaning that low estrogen women are not drawn to high testosterone men but rather seek, weak estrogen dominant, low testosterone men. This isn’t exactly true. Yes, low estrogen women are not drawn to testosterone dominant men but it’s not testosterone deficient men she’s drawn to. Estrogen deficient women aren’t drawn to anyone. Low estrogen signals a woman is no longer in a state of reproduction so she detaches from her significant other as she loses her libido. Her ability to make emotional attachments diminishes, and irrational behavior gets indefensibly unreasonable driving others away. Low estrogen women are lonely and bitter. Estrogen sound women don’t have that sharp bitterness to them.

Estrogen deficient women are emotionally broken, no matter how much therapy they get. Estrogen is the confidence hormone to women that testosterone is to men. Estrogen at low levels causes depression, severe anxiety, and suicidal and homicidal thoughts. Low estrogen levels create low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and low self-worth in women. Women have a hard time making confident, rational decisions when estrogen is in the tank and tend to choose men to control or to mend their problems. I believe women choose the wrong mates because their estrogen is too low. They search for the mate who can fix all their broken emotional parts estrogen deficiency causes. I’ve seen it hundreds of times when women get their estrogen sound again and the changes that take place in the brain and mental outlook. When a woman marries a man when she was estrogen deficient and gets her hormones where they should be, her relationship will be challenged as the self esteem, self confidence, and self worth emerge. I’ve coached many women who’ve become estrogen strong how to re-establish a new relationship with her significant other.

5. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU UNSEXY ALL THE TIME—This statement has a lot of truth for a reason. Estrogen levels dictate the stage of life a woman is in, low levels of estrogen program the mind she’s in postproduction and will not be interested in reproduction or anything associated with it. Estrogen levels of a healthy reproductive woman are somewhere in the 300-700 blood serum range on day 12 of the menstrual cycle, and an FSH <5. It’s in this range a women will be drawn to high testosterone men, want to be touched, have a good muscle to fat shoulder-waist-hip ratio, pleasant demeanor, increased pheromones, lubricated naughty bits, increased sensuality and sexuality, nipple-clitoral response, and tend to be more approachable.

6. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU A SLUT—I’m not so sure about this one because he’s insinuating women on the Pill are more likely to cheat. The way he explains it doesn’t make sense but I have seen women so insecure with such low estrogen levels that they will risk their relationship to be with someone who they think will make them feel better about themselves even for just a moment. Estrogen deficient women are lonely and insecure and long to make connections to no avail. Women on the Pill are not hornier or want to be with a manly man because they can’t control themselves like Milo Yiannopoulos states. They cheat because they’re so emotionally broken and think it will make them happy. The truth is, nothing makes a woman who’s estrogen deficient happy. Absolutely nothing will make a woman happy if her estrogen is in the tank. Estrogen sound women are less likely to cheat because they’re more secure with who they are and find contentment in what they have.

7. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES MEN UNMANLY—Spoken like an emotionally immature male, Milo Yiannopoulos says the Pill will cause your woman to nag at you and if she weren’t on the pill then she wouldn’t nag. There actually is some truth to this. Estrogen deficient women will never be happy and will complain at anything. Estrogen is the contentment hormone in women and when it remains too low or non-existent, women will be unreasonable, have responses that are out of proportion to the situation at hand, stir up trouble, and never really have an end in sight. Even if you do what she says will make her happy, it won’t if her estrogen is too low. She’s up one week and down the next.

8. BIRTH CONTROL GIVES YOU COTTAGE CHEESE THIGHS—This is true. Estrogen deficiency causes cottage cheese thighs. Estrogen levels dictate cellulite. If you’ve gotten it by now that women without enough estrogen will be fat and crazy, it should also trigger a response of why aren’t doctors keeping estrogen levels up so women’s bodies and brains aren’t compromised?

9. THE PILL MAY HAVE DESTROYED THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE—For most, this is the case but it’s not so much the Pill that caused it but the fact the Pill suppressed estrogen production so low a woman is no longer human and if coupled with anti-depressants, women don’t want to be touch and are numb about it. Most women are given anti-depressants and other drugs to treat the symptoms of estrogen deficiency instead of addressing the estrogen deficiency issue at the source. Women without estrogen are fat and moody and can’t be depended on. Her body is starved of the very hormone that tells her brain whether she wants to live or die, let alone contribute to a relationship.

Though Milo Yiannopoulos clearly has an opinion about he’s been affected by women affected by the Pill or injectable birth control, it’s not the Pill that’s causing all the problems, it’s low estrogen and a woman doesn’t have to be on the Pill to have low estrogen. It’s too bad that when young co-eds go to the doctor and complain about menstrual problems, headaches, depression, etc., the first line therapy is to prescribe birth control and anti-depressants. This is what’s making women crazy, and why I started a Hormone Medicine research foundation. If women’s estrogen was maintained at healthy levels as first line therapy, their brains and bodies wouldn’t fall apart so profoundly and rapidly. Women’s biggest challenge is finding a doctor who truly understands the impact estrogen has on her brain and body when she gets enough, what happens when she doesn’t, and how to properly manage it.

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29 Things Only A Woman With Menopause Would Understand

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.13.42 PMI came across an article a couple of months ago entitled “29 Things Only A Woman With Menopause Would Understand” and it aggravated me.  Read on to find out why I was not happy…….

1. The way you carry your weight changes in menopause — you go from junk in your trunk to having it under your hood.

Moxie: When estrogen gets too low, no matter how old a woman is, menopause or not, she will become insulin resistant, lose muscle mass, and will never get rid of that gut and upper arm fat. Women with adequate levels of estrogen, no matter how old a woman is, does not have this problem.

2. When you have a menopause hot flash, you wish you could run naked in the snow.

Moxie: Women with optimal levels of estrogen do not have hot flashes. Hot flashes happen to women at any age if their estrogen gets too low, and men will get hot flashes when their testosterone takes a nosedive. Restore estrogen to healthy levels and never have another hot flash.  A woman doesn’t have to be in menopause to get a hot flash.

3. You have perpetual heartburn, so you top everything you eat with Rolaid

Moxie: Women with healthy levels of estrogen do not get menopause, heartburn or have acid reflux. No matter how old a woman is, if her estrogen is too low, she will get heartburn and no over-the-counter product will eliminate it.

4. Insomnia gets so bad that you can be seen on street corners jonesing for Ambien.

Moxie: Women with optimal levels of estrogen do not have insomnia problems. Ever. Women with low levels of estrogen will always have a difficult time falling and staying asleep.

5. Your favorite song lyric is “Jumpin’ Hot Flash, I got gas, gas, gas.”

Moxie: Women with reproductive levels of estrogen do not have flatulence unless they eat a can of beans. It’s part of the gut and yeast overgrowth issues that happen with estrogen deficiency. Restore estrogen to healthy levels and tooting goes away.

6. Your annual checkup reveals that you have gained 10 pounds and shrunk an inch.

Moxie: Women will continuously gain weight, especially around the middle, the lower estrogen gets.  She doesn’t have to be in menopause. No matter how old a woman is, if her estrogen is too low, she will get fat. When estrogen is at reproductive levels, women will drop fat and keep it off without it being an ongoing issue or continuous dieting.

7. When the Wicked Witch in the “Wizard of Oz” screams, “I’m melting!” you know she’s not dying—she’s just having a hot flash.

Moxie: Women with adequate estrogen don’t have this problem.

8. When you drive in traffic, you have to turn the radio down to see clearly.

Moxie: When estrogen is optimal, women can’t turn the radio high enough to hear her favorite song. When estrogen is low, music is annoying.

9. You have to put your glasses on to hear.

Moxie: When estrogen is at healthy levels, the body isn’t in a state of deterioration and decay so eyesight and hearing aren’t on the decline as women without adequate estrogen. Women in menopause get deterioration and decay in every aspect of their body.

10. You lose your glasses, only to find them on top of your head.

Moxie: Women with adequate levels of estrogen don’t have short term memory issues.

11. Every time you sneeze, you wet your pants.

Moxie: Women with reproductive levels of estrogen don’t have allergies or incontinent issues.

12. Spanx is your best friend.

Moxie: Estrogen levels dictate whether a woman will have a pooch belly or a flat belly.

13. Your skin itches so badly you feel like you need a flea collar.

Moxie: One of the first things that happen to a woman’s body when her estrogen tanks is she loses the ability to produce or retain fluids she needs to function healthily. Our skin, gum tissue, vaginal tissue, hair, nails, eyes, and other areas of the body are prone to respond when no more fluids are available to function without pain or consequence. Women with healthy levels of estrogen don’t have itchy, crawling skin, dry eyes, brittle hair, splitting nails, shriveled up vaginas, or periodontal diseases.

14. You’re so exhausted that 9 p.m. is the new midnight.

Moxie: Let’s be honest, you may be tired, but no one is getting any quality sleep with low levels of estrogen. Women with adequate levels of estrogen don’t have energy or sleep issues.

15. When you do sleep, you wake up tired and can’t help wondering if you would’ve been better off doing something else.

Moxie: Women with low levels of estrogen always wake up feeling like they didn’t sleep at all, almost feeling worse than when they did when they went to bed. When estrogen is too low, women will not have the ability to get into their level 4 (REM) sleep in order to wake up feeling rested and ready to take on their day. Women with reproductive levels of estrogen have no problem falling asleep within 5-7 minutes and staying asleep throughout the night, not even waking to go to the bathroom, and waking up ready to take on their day.

16. When you go to the grocery store, you get a shopping cart to push your purse.

Moxie: Women with adequate levels of estrogen don’t have brain fog issues. Period.

17. You have to clean the seat in public restrooms because you no longer have the thighs to hover.

Moxie: When estrogen is low, women lose the ability to retain, produce, or use fluids for function. One of the things that happen when women don’t have access to fluids in the body is the muscles atrophy, shrivel, and shrink. When muscles shrink they’re no longer strong or able endure physical strain for any length of time no matter what muscle it is, the quadriceps or the heart, leading to weakness and spasms. Women with healthy levels of estrogen do not have these issues.

18. One day you take a nap and wake up to discover you have a goatee.

Moxie: The more hormonally out of balance a woman is will dictate how much facial hair she will have. Women with reproductive levels of estrogen do not have facial hair. Women with low estrogen have facial hair.

19. Your “turkey neck” is getting so bad that when you hear that the president will pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving, you’re worried it will be you.

Moxie: Skin elasticity and collagen production are a direct result of estrogen levels. Women with low estrogen, no matter how old they are, will have skin issues of all kinds and have an inability to produce subcutaneous fat and collagen. Higher estrogen levels up regulate collagen receptors and smooth out the face eliminating the turkey neck phenomenon.

20. You know that you’ve forgotten something, but you can’t remember what it was.

Moxie: Women with enough estrogen do not have memory issues. Ever.

21. Your underarm keeps waving goodbye long after you stop.

Moxie: Women in there twenties don’t have this issue and the only difference between a 25 year old woman and a 55 year old woman is her levels of estrogen. Healthy estrogen levels keep muscles tone and shapely.

22. Your fingernails are so soft that they bend and break, but your toenails are so dry and hard, they look like Fritos.

Moxie: Women with healthy estrogen levels do not have nail issues because there are enough fluids in the body to nourish hair, skin, and nails. It’s not how much water you drink that determines hair, skin, and nails, it really a woman’s estrogen levels. Women in there twenties don’t have this problem unless her estrogen is too low.

23. You wake up so stiff, you almost reach for an oil can.

Moxie: Because fluids are so low for women in menopause, muscles and joints don’t get replenished to allow fluidity in movement and joints. Women with healthy levels of estrogen don’t have this problem.

24. Night sweats give a whole new meaning to “wetting the bed.”

Moxie: Women in menopause have night sweats.  Women with adequate levels of estrogen don’t have night sweats. Night sweats happened to men and women when they lose their main-sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. If these hormones are properly restored, no body will ever have another night sweat again.

25. Your thinning hair has you considering a comb-over.

Moxie: Women with enough estrogen don’t have hair-thinning problems. The lower estrogen gets, the thinner a woman’s hair gets. Restore estrogen; restore your hair in many ways. Women in menopause have thin hair because of no estrogen.

26. To flash people at Mardi Gras, you only have to raise your shirt two inches.

Moxie: Women in menopause have saggy boobs.  No matter how old a woman is, her boobs will look like deflated banana boobs if she doesn’t have enough estrogen. When estrogen is restored, so are boobs.

27. You can’t tell your goose bumps apart from your skin tags.

Moxie: Women in menopause have skin tags and barnacles.  Women with adequate estrogen don’t have skin tags.

28. As soon as you pull your pants up after a bathroom visit, you have to pee again.

Moxie: In menopause, the body begins to fall apart in a state of decay the lower estrogen gets no matter how old she is. One of the degenerative diseases is the atrophy of the bladder. Women with healthy levels of estrogen don’t have these issues. She doesn’t have to be in menopause but have low estrogen.

29. The only thing with any elasticity is the waistband of your sweatpants.

Moxie:  Menopause women get fat.  Estrogen levels decide elasticity in a woman. The lower the estrogen, the less elastic she is, physically and mentally. Healthy levels of estrogen give women more elasticity physically and mentally.


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Heart Disease And Menopause


Estrogen levels decide heart disease in women. Low levels of estrogen cause the heart to atrophy and weaken, causes heart palpitations, and shortness of breath but that doesn’t mean you’re having a heart attack.

One of my colleagues sent me this article that shows the blatant disconnect between what causes a problem (heart disease) and how to address it that actually fixes the problem. I’ve taken excerpts and commented on them for clarification:

“When you think of menopause, hot flashes, insomnia, and night sweats probably come to mind first. Heart disease may not be high on your list of health concerns, but perhaps it should be. Heart disease is the top killer, and a woman’s risk of heart disease increases dramatically around the time she goes through menopause — for most women this is between ages 50 to 54. During menopause, levels of the primary female hormone estrogen in a woman’s body drop significantly…”

Moxie: This is the cause: a significant drop in estrogen.

“High blood pressure: When estrogen levels drop, your heart and blood vessels become stiff and less elastic. Because of these changes, your blood pressure tends to rise. Elevated blood pressure can place added strain on the heart…”

Moxie: This happens when estrogen levels drop. That’s why younger women don’t get high blood pressure.

“High cholesterol: Lack of estrogen also can cause detrimental changes in your cholesterol and blood fats. Your good cholesterol (HDL) may go down, and your bad cholesterol (LDL) may go up, which increases your risk of heart attacks and dying of heart disease, said Dr. Foody. Triglycerides, another kind of fat in the blood, also increase from a lack of estrogen…”

Moxie: Chol-“esterol” is just one of the hundreds of estrogens that run through a woman’s body wrecking havoc when it gets too low. Restore estrogen and cholesterol calms down, then there’s no need to take meds to treat cholesterol issues that don’t exist due to estrogen deficiency.

“Diabetes: When women go through menopause, they can also become more resistant to insulin, the hormone needed to convert blood sugar and starches into energy for cells to use…”

Moxie: Estrogen levels decide if a woman will be resistant to insulin no matter what her age. Type II Diabetes is easy to reverse when estrogen is restored to healthy levels. There is not better way to combat and prevent insulin resistance then making sure estrogen was at reproductive levels.

“Atrial fibrillation: Women also may see an increase in abnormal heart rhythms, or atrial fibrillation (afib), around the time they go through menopause…”

Moxie: Not many physicians would make the link of low estrogen and heart palpitations but in several hundred patients who increased their estrogen to healthy reproductive levels, never had another heart palpitation. Young women don’t have heart palpitations. Ask yourself why.

“Weight gain: Estrogen affects where fat is stored and how it is burned…”

Moxie: This is so true. The lower the estrogen, the fatter the gut. Women store fat in the gut and upper arms when estrogen gets too low, no matter how old a woman is. Low estrogen tells the female brain she’s no longer in a state of reproduction so her body sends out signals to the male species, by way of shoulder-waist-hip ratio, that she is too old or has already had her allotment of two children, and she’s now “out of the game”. Women will NEVER lose that last 10 to 15 pooch belly weight as long as her estrogen levels are telling her brain she’s too old to have kids. Women with healthy levels of estrogen have flat bellies; women with low estrogen have fat bellies.

“Menopause can cause women’s metabolism to slow, which contributes to weight gain. This can put stress on your heart and increase your risk of heart disease…”

Moxie: Menopause is when menstrual bleeding stops, it’s not a time period, that would be the Climacteric. When estrogen gets too low, not matter what her age; a woman will go into menopause and experience all the symptoms of the Climacteric including weight gain and the other “menopausal” health risks. Estrogen levels also affect how much sugar a woman craves and how she sleeps. The less sleep a woman gets at night will determine how much sugar she will crave the next day.

“Heart disease in menopause is preventable. Menopause is an important time to take good care of yourself and your heart…”

Moxie: Heart disease is only preventable if estrogen is at healthy levels. As long as low estrogen is telling the brain of the woman she is old and needs to make way for the next generation, she will not only be susceptible to heart disease, but all the other old lady diseases women get when their estrogen is in the tank.

“If women eat a healthy, nutritious diet, monitor for weight gain, exercise and quit smoking, they can lower their risk of heart disease even as they age…”

Moxie: Easier said than done. When a woman’s estrogen is low she craves unhealthy foods such as sugars, candy, bad carbs, greasy and comfort foods. She has absolutely no energy, motivation, or desire to exercise, and with such an increase of anxiety due to low estrogen, good luck quitting smoking.

The parts of the article I have a difficult time with is the fact the solutions offered do not address declining estrogen, which is what they said to be the problem in the beginning of the article. Isn’t the goal to address the root cause of the risk for heart disease?

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The H & P

medsH & P, a history and physical.  At 17, my anti-depressant journey began with 10mg of Prozac.  When I went in for my first visit with Dr. Nagel, I was a bit of a mess, even with the high doses of medications I was on. I didn’t realize how much I adjusted to the  symptoms of the medications over the years. I thought this was how it was going to be indefinitely. I wasn’t sure if anyone could help me, and I certainly wasn’t expecting Dr. Nagel to.  I had been depressed, and had most of my current symptoms my entire teen and adult life.  I was giving up hope that I ‘d have to throw in the towel and accept the fact I will always be like this.  This depressed me even more.

Over the years I used my “illness” to not take responsibility for things or participate in my life. I used it to emotionally check out and left responsibilities to family and friends. It was less painful to emotionally check out than it was to accept the fact that I was destined to eternal severe depression.  When things got tough, in the back of my mind I could hear my doctors words clearly back when I was 17; “You are severely, clinically depressed and you will be for the rest of your life.” I trusted that doctor. Part of me was relieved there was a name for how I was feeling and that I really wasn’t losing my mind, but another part felt trapped and doomed. I lost my drive and ambition. I always wanted to get my masters degree but knew I never would because I couldn’t finish reading a chapter in a book if my life depended on it, let alone comprehend what I just read. I was constantly thinking to myself, ‘This can’t be it. This can’t be all there is to my life.

I was watching other people live their lives around me, like I was watching through a two-way mirror. I felt like a non-participant in my own life, a voyer.  I just went through the motions every day and tried to show some signs of emotional connect with my children even though they annoyed the hell out of me most of the time. I craved to be close to them but when it came down to it, all I wanted was for them to go away. I would sit on their beds at night and watch them sleep and feel bad for not bonding that day. I sat there and cried as quietly as I could to not wake them. I felt guilty I wasn’t being the mom to them I thought I would be and should be. I saw other mothers with connections with their children and wanted that desperately. I had zero tolerance and patience. I was so physically and emotionally exhausted I couldn’t see straight. There was no nap long enough, or amount of sleep that made me feel rested and energized. I spent a great deal of time every day trying to set it up to be alone and get away from everybody. I didn’t want anybody over and stopped returning phone calls of people I liked and loved. I had no emotional connection with anybody. Part of me liked it that way, but a stronger part was terribly lonely.  

I was 37 when I met Dr. Nagel, and had been on and off high doses of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.  Doctors didn’t know what to do with me because nothing prescribed worked for any length of time. Below are of some of the things I was experiencing at time of my initial visit with Dr. Nagel:

  • 30 pounds over weight; I couldn’t skip a meal and change a dress size like I used to
  • Gut issues; constantly gassy and bloated
  • Everything pissed me off; I could go from zero to rage bitch at the drop of a hat
  • Daily headaches and weekly debilitating migraines
  • Hadn’t slept through the night in four years; never felt rested
  • More acne than I did in high school
  • Couldn’t complete anything or comprehend anything I read
  • Post partum depression in addition to my regular depression
  • Severe PMS
  • Debilitating periods
  • Felt wired and tired at the same time
  • Fingernails were cracking and splitting
  • Did not know what a libido was; asked for definition
  • No desire to do anything or go anywhere
  • Didn’t want to be around anybody, isolate myself for as long as I could without someone pointing it out
  • Didn’t want to go out with my friends anymore
  • I was numb and didn’t feel anymore
  • Panic attacks and overwhelmed easily
  • Stopped taking my friends calls
  • Men no longer checked me out
  • Didn’t want to be touched, not even by my own children
  • I pooped once a week
  • I slouched, avoided eye contact with people, and didn’t care about what I looked like
  • Everything had to be a certain way and I was the only one who knew how to do it
  • I was so dehydrated I could write my name on my arm with my fingernail
  • Stiff and painful joints; I was feeling older than I should
  • My ass, nose, feet, and hands were always cold
  • Nothing made me happy
  • There was always something that set me off daily
  • My children avoided me
  • I only had two good days a month
  • My boobs were like deflated bananas with rope-like knots in them
  • Every muscle in my body felt like it got sucker punched, and didn’t have a lot of muscle mass
  • I got heart palpitations and could felt my heart pounding through my chest
  • My arms and legs tingled and fell asleep often
  • Shortness of breath at times
  • Hair kept falling out and breaking off
  • Strong sugar cravings
  • Stopped planning and dreaming
  • Just trying to get through my days
  • Couldn’t remember the last time I laughed

I was clearly not feeling very well.  I had been on and off medications over the past 20, and no provider gave me hope it would be better.  It was always about the medications, but I was at a point where I was out of options.  There were no other medications left for me to “try”.

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