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Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy

Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy. This is the headline by Milo Yiannopoulos that stirred up a lot of controversy for Steve Bannon and Breitbart News. It’s been all over the news as a reason to turn against Steve Bannon hoping to expose his true character with what he allows on this news site. Most of my readers know I’ve extensive professional education and research in Hormone Medicine, worked over a decade in a Hormone Medicine Specialty clinic, and launched a Hormone Medicine research foundation working with hundreds of women of all ages, and virtually every method and system of hormone replacement therapy. So, when I saw the morning news splash this article up on the screen the last couple of days, I had to pull it up and see what the fuss was about because I didn’t see what the problem was. Why was everyone in such a tizzy?

For those who didn’t hear, Milo Yiannopoulos posted an article on Breitbart News by entitled, “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” in December of 2015 that many women and men found offensive. In fact the article was listed as one of Breitbart News’ Top 5 Worst Headlines and was barred on Twitter after being accused of inciting racist and sexist attacks on the actress Leslie Jones, told women that birth control “makes you fat,” “makes your voice unsexy,” “makes you jiggle wrong,” “makes you a slut” and “makes you unsexy all the time.” He stated many harsh things where I can see where most women would jump at the opportunity to say this guy’s a schumck. Though his tone comes off as offensive and judgmental, and no woman wants to hear female related anything come out of the mouth of a man, but could there be any truth to what he’s saying about women being fat and mental on birth control? I’m not saying what Milo Yiannopoulos said about Leslie Jones is right, in fact it’s unacceptable and emotionally immature, but like anyone else, Milo has a right to his opinion with his interactions with women who’ve been on birth control. Have you ever read the package insert in the birth control pill box? It’s not big news what happens to women who take it, it’s listed in black and white.

Although Milo Yiannopoulos comes off as a disgruntled teenager, he is right with regards to what happens to a woman’s brain and body when they go on birth control. He appears to be knowledgeable than most men (and women) with how estrogen affects a woman’s brain and body. I actually don’t blame him as a man with what he has to put up with when around an estrogen deficient woman. What many don’t realize is birth control puts a woman in chemical menopause but everyone has to pay the price in one way or another. There are 9 miserable side effects to chemical birth control he addressed I’d like to comment on for a Hormone Medicine consultant’s clinical perspective:

1. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU FAT—This is very true, kind of. Milo talks specifically about DMPA, an injectable birth control like the brand Depo-Provera®. I’d like to clarify that any chemical given to a woman, whether injectable or oral, will cause her body to no longer produce estrogen. This will put a woman, no matter her age, into “chemical menopause”. What we have come to find is that estrogen affects every function in the female body right down to the core of every cell. The brain and body are significantly dependent on adequate (reproductive) levels of estrogen pumping in the blood, and when estrogen is not abundantly flowing through a woman, no matter how old she is, she will get fat and be unreasonable to be around most of the time. Everyone knows the best way to fatten up a female pig is to disrupt her ovarian function by way of spaying to shut off estrogen production. Taking away estrogen creates menopause. Estrogen levels indicate to the brain what stage of life a woman is in, and low levels of estrogen indicate a woman is in a state of post production signaling it’s time to “check out” and make way for the next generation so to speak. This triggers a mental and physical decline getting worse the lower estrogen gets. Chemical birth control tricks the brain into thinking a woman is producing enough estrogen so it shuts off her own estrogen production. You can see the change in body composition and personality of household pets, male and female, after they’ve been fixed. It’s not necessarily birth control that makes a woman fat and unable to lose it, it such low levels of estrogen that are the culprit.

When a patient can’t lose weight we take a look to see if it’s due to ovarian dysfunction (under producing estrogen), we find out why they’re not producing what they should then get their own body to trigger production with a nutrient dense diet, good sleep hygiene, a sound gut microbiome, and removing any endocrine disruptors. There is usually a reason a woman cannot produce enough estrogen. Increasing estrogen levels intrinsically or extraneously, changes brain and body function and indicates a different stage in life, (reproduction) so the body changes shape to indicate such (by dropping fat and increased muscles tone to prepare for reproduction), and demeanor calms and softens.

2. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOUR VOICE UNSEXY—Milo Yiannopoulos is correct when he wrote:

“Women sound most attractive to men when their estrogen levels are high, and their progesterone levels are low. Birth control lowers the former and raises the latter, making women sound as erotically appealing as Bruce Jenner giving a croaky acceptance speech.”

It’s not so much birth control that makes a woman’s voice deeper as it’s due to low estrogen levels from taking chemical birth control. When estrogen gets too low in a woman of any age, she will no longer produce water and fluids the body needs to lube things up like our internal tissues, oral cavity, skin, joints, nails, hair, vagina, eyes, throat, etc. In addition to a lack of lube, muscles and tissues are in atrophy compromising function, which changes the voice of a woman to a deeper, strenuous tone. This is not appealing to men with adequate testosterone levels. It’s not as repulsive to men with low testosterone and increasing estrogen levels. Cisgender men with healthy testosterone levels are drawn to healthy estrogen levels in cisgender women. Cisgender women with healthy estrogen are drawn to healthy testosterone in cisgender men, no matter how old the person is.

3. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU JIGGLE WRONG—What he refers to with this statement is that the body composition and posture are just not right with women on the Pill, and he’s right. The body composition of a woman isn’t what it used to be like back in the 50s and earlier. Because of the Pill (a cease in estrogen production), fast food, poor sleep hygiene, muscle atrophy, an unhealthy gut microbiome, and shrinking bones, the posture and overall body composition will look more like a menopausal woman than a woman in reproductive prime. Estrogen levels dictate cravings, quality of sleep, health of gut, muscle tone, bone density, and how a woman will hold herself up and lift her chin and chest. Estrogen deficient women have bad posture.

4. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG MATES—I loved this one because he hit the nail on the head but not for what he states. He claims women on the Pill seek men who are closer to their own tribe, meaning that low estrogen women are not drawn to high testosterone men but rather seek, weak estrogen dominant, low testosterone men. This isn’t exactly true. Yes, low estrogen women are not drawn to testosterone dominant men but it’s not testosterone deficient men she’s drawn to. Estrogen deficient women aren’t drawn to anyone. Low estrogen signals a woman is no longer in a state of reproduction so she detaches from her significant other as she loses her libido. Her ability to make emotional attachments diminishes, and irrational behavior gets indefensibly unreasonable driving others away. Low estrogen women are lonely and bitter. Estrogen sound women don’t have that sharp bitterness to them.

Estrogen deficient women are emotionally broken, no matter how much therapy they get. Estrogen is the confidence hormone to women that testosterone is to men. Estrogen at low levels causes depression, severe anxiety, and suicidal and homicidal thoughts. Low estrogen levels create low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and low self-worth in women. Women have a hard time making confident, rational decisions when estrogen is in the tank and tend to choose men to control or to mend their problems. I believe women choose the wrong mates because their estrogen is too low. They search for the mate who can fix all their broken emotional parts estrogen deficiency causes. I’ve seen it hundreds of times when women get their estrogen sound again and the changes that take place in the brain and mental outlook. When a woman marries a man when she was estrogen deficient and gets her hormones where they should be, her relationship will be challenged as the self esteem, self confidence, and self worth emerge. I’ve coached many women who’ve become estrogen strong how to re-establish a new relationship with her significant other.

5. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU UNSEXY ALL THE TIME—This statement has a lot of truth for a reason. Estrogen levels dictate the stage of life a woman is in, low levels of estrogen program the mind she’s in postproduction and will not be interested in reproduction or anything associated with it. Estrogen levels of a healthy reproductive woman are somewhere in the 300-700 blood serum range on day 12 of the menstrual cycle, and an FSH <5. It’s in this range a women will be drawn to high testosterone men, want to be touched, have a good muscle to fat shoulder-waist-hip ratio, pleasant demeanor, increased pheromones, lubricated naughty bits, increased sensuality and sexuality, nipple-clitoral response, and tend to be more approachable.

6. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES YOU A SLUT—I’m not so sure about this one because he’s insinuating women on the Pill are more likely to cheat. The way he explains it doesn’t make sense but I have seen women so insecure with such low estrogen levels that they will risk their relationship to be with someone who they think will make them feel better about themselves even for just a moment. Estrogen deficient women are lonely and insecure and long to make connections to no avail. Women on the Pill are not hornier or want to be with a manly man because they can’t control themselves like Milo Yiannopoulos states. They cheat because they’re so emotionally broken and think it will make them happy. The truth is, nothing makes a woman who’s estrogen deficient happy. Absolutely nothing will make a woman happy if her estrogen is in the tank. Estrogen sound women are less likely to cheat because they’re more secure with who they are and find contentment in what they have.

7. BIRTH CONTROL MAKES MEN UNMANLY—Spoken like an emotionally immature male, Milo Yiannopoulos says the Pill will cause your woman to nag at you and if she weren’t on the pill then she wouldn’t nag. There actually is some truth to this. Estrogen deficient women will never be happy and will complain at anything. Estrogen is the contentment hormone in women and when it remains too low or non-existent, women will be unreasonable, have responses that are out of proportion to the situation at hand, stir up trouble, and never really have an end in sight. Even if you do what she says will make her happy, it won’t if her estrogen is too low. She’s up one week and down the next.

8. BIRTH CONTROL GIVES YOU COTTAGE CHEESE THIGHS—This is true. Estrogen deficiency causes cottage cheese thighs. Estrogen levels dictate cellulite. If you’ve gotten it by now that women without enough estrogen will be fat and crazy, it should also trigger a response of why aren’t doctors keeping estrogen levels up so women’s bodies and brains aren’t compromised?

9. THE PILL MAY HAVE DESTROYED THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE—For most, this is the case but it’s not so much the Pill that caused it but the fact the Pill suppressed estrogen production so low a woman is no longer human and if coupled with anti-depressants, women don’t want to be touch and are numb about it. Most women are given anti-depressants and other drugs to treat the symptoms of estrogen deficiency instead of addressing the estrogen deficiency issue at the source. Women without estrogen are fat and moody and can’t be depended on. Her body is starved of the very hormone that tells her brain whether she wants to live or die, let alone contribute to a relationship.

Though Milo Yiannopoulos clearly has an opinion about he’s been affected by women affected by the Pill or injectable birth control, it’s not the Pill that’s causing all the problems, it’s low estrogen and a woman doesn’t have to be on the Pill to have low estrogen. It’s too bad that when young co-eds go to the doctor and complain about menstrual problems, headaches, depression, etc., the first line therapy is to prescribe birth control and anti-depressants. This is what’s making women crazy, and why I started a Hormone Medicine research foundation. If women’s estrogen was maintained at healthy levels as first line therapy, their brains and bodies wouldn’t fall apart so profoundly and rapidly. Women’s biggest challenge is finding a doctor who truly understands the impact estrogen has on her brain and body when she gets enough, what happens when she doesn’t, and how to properly manage it.

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The 5 Not-So-Fun Things About Menopause

Ann Brenoff wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled The 5 Not-So-Fun Things About Menopause And Tips To Deal With Them about a small study conducted by Ambren, and with Marcy Letourneau, part of the Amberen NurseAid program, they put together a menopause survival guide. This so-called “survival guide” is just that, a survival guide for women who are suffering from the symptoms of menopause, not a solution. Amberen’s motto is to “Embrace The Change” offering support from nurses with expertise in menopause. What women do not know is, these women have no education, training, or clinical success in preventing or reversing menopause, just offering support for the miserable symptoms of menopause. Who really wants to embrace the nightmare of menopause?

The truth is, menopause doesn’t have to exist at all, nor does perimenopause. The five not-so-fun things Ann Brenoff discusses in this article are all symptoms of ovarian dysfunction and can be fixed. Women with PMS, PMDD, Perimenopause and Menopause all suffer from the same thing, insufficient estrogen production. Women only have these conditions when their estrogen gets too low, and there are many reasons that cause our ovaries to stop producing estrogen.

Let me take you through the five not-so-fun things about menopause from the perspective of addressing the root cause of each issue:

1. Sex can hurt–Brenoff discusses vaginal atrophy and lack of lubrication for painful sex. She is right. Women with declining estrogen, no matter how old she is, will dry up all over her body and be unable to lubricate her vagina. The vagina isn’t the only thing that dries up when estrogen declines, the oral cavity, eyes, skin, nails, hair, and many other areas our body needs lubricating. When this dehydration takes place in the body, tissue will shrink up creating atrophy throughout our body, our heart, gum tissue, lungs, and our vagina to name a few areas affected. The walls of the vagina atrophy when estrogen gets too low as the body dries up.   Without lubrication and stimulation, it hurts to have sex. In addition, an estrogen deficient woman will lose the ability to get nipple and clitoral stimulation and the connection between the two. The best way to address painful sex, a dried up vagina, and lack of lube is to get your estrogen back up into healthy reproductive ranges again. This will eliminate this problem altogether, as long as your estrogen is sound.

2. Lowered libido means less interest in having sex. You don’t have to be in menopause it have a low libido, just low in estrogen. Women who don’t have enough estrogen will not have a libido because healthy estrogen levels tells the brain of a woman what stage of life she’s in. If estrogen is low, the brain and body assume a woman is in post-production and will not have the desire to reproduce, therefore shutting down reproductive desires. Not only does an estrogen deficient woman not have a libido, she no longer is able to make emotional connections with others: children, spouses, girlfriends, and the general population, avoiding eye contact. Women without enough estrogen do not like to be touched and will send out repellent pheromones to shoo away anyone considering approaching her. When a woman’s estrogen remains low, human touch can be like touching someone with sunburn. The only thing that truly addresses the libido in women is healthy levels of estrogen. Estrogen is the sensuality and sexuality hormone for women and when it remains too low, we can’t expect them to connect or want to have sex. The best way to address this not-so-fun thing is to keep estrogen levels sound.

3. Your skin will break out so badly that you’ll think you’re back in puberty. Brenoff is right with exercise increases blood flow to all organs stating it’s the increase in oxygen that makes the skin healthier but the truth is, estrogen levels and gut dysfunction are the culprits for acne for menopausal women. Women with healthy levels of estrogen and a clean gut never get acne. What Brenoff doesn’t say is exercise is the best way to get blood flowing to the ovaries so they can produce more estrogen to address the acne. The quality of a woman’s skin is dependent on estrogen levels. When estrogen is low, skin gets dry, bumpy, pimply, and cracks. Getting physical exercise in the sun without sunscreen is the most effective way to increase estrogen production if the ovaries are still functioning. If ovaries are dysfunctional, supplementing estrogen back to healthy levels and cleaning out the gut is the only way to completely eliminate acne altogether.

4. You may forget what sleep is. Brenoff suggests that women don’t sleep because of hot flashes but the truth is, when estrogen remains too low, women will have a difficult time falling and staying asleep regardless if they have hot flashes or not. Hot flashes many keep some awake but hot flashes is also a symptom of estrogen deficiency and will go away once estrogen is sound. Estrogen levels decided whether a woman will sleep or not, and testosterone levels will determine if men will sleep or not. Addressing the main-sex hormone decline will get you to fall asleep and stay asleep for good. There is no better sleep aid.

5. Your moods may range from weepy depressed to murderously angry with little in between. Estrogen levels dictate a woman’s self esteem and self-confidence just like testosterone does in men. Only women with low estrogen have mood swings and are irritable. Women with healthy levels of estrogen are not moody or irritable and their responses are proportionate to the situation at hand. Estrogen is the mood stabilizing hormone for women and when it remains too low, you never know what you’re going to get. When estrogen is sound, women feel alive and content. When estrogen is too low, women will feel like the walking dead and be too difficult to be around.

If these things not-so-fun things about menopause are bothering you, find yourself a practitioner who has training, experience and success with high dose estrogen therapies. Going to a doctor who’s afraid of estrogen will only offer you products, drugs, and procedures to treat your estrogen deficiency symptoms. To get rid of these problems altogether, restore estrogen to reproductive levels and you will never deal with any of these symptoms again. Learn more about menopause and the causes of it so you can avoid it for good.

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The Pathetic Helpless Child Within

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 10.45.47 AMI am two people. I’m a child and an adult. Most of my life “my child” has ruled the roost and caused a significant amount of damage and mayhem. She is spoiled, entitled, and broken. She demands attention when she’s in emotional pain; the more pain she’s in, the more attention she needs from my adult to calm her. When my adult is negligent, incapable, or not present, my child runs amuck. When my child is in a great deal of emotional pain and is neglected, she causes so much damage to get the attention of the adult, or anything or anyone else to ease the pain. She indulges in activities to take her mind off the pain and does things she normally wouldn’t do when she’s healthy. Doctors diagnose her with bipolar, severely clinically depressed, and hopeless.  She believed them for a while.

I’ve been working with hormones in a clinic for many years and hormone research in most areas of hormone replacement therapy. When I found a way to keep my hormones at levels that woke up my brain, I began to look at the world differently. I can feel myself change, my brain change, and got a better grasp on what “life” was all about for me. When hormones are in healthy ranges, the brain has the capacity to rationalize, think deeply, reflect, project, plan, focus, and most of all allowed me to become insightful at a magnitude that forces life changes for the better. This brain awakening has allowed me to take all the work I’ve tried to do on myself with a therapist and personal work, and it brings it all together, allowing the brain to put things into perspective. The longer I kept my estradiol levels above 500, the more mental clarity and healing I was getting. I wasn’t sure how it was working because I’ve spent years trying to undo a lot of childhood trauma in my head, and it seemed like in a very short period of time I got to a place of consistent peace and contentment.

What I came to find with healthy levels of estrogen in my brain was that my child was broken at a young age and she learned how to calm herself with self-destructing enabling ways, doing anything to fill her emotional abyss of despair.   The more estrogen my brain got, the more the adult emerged to take control of the child in a nurturing, tender, and assuring way. I took notice when my estrogen was low, my adult didn’t have the energy, focus, or perspective to take control of the child. The lower my estrogen got, the more destructive the child got, and more absent the adult got, ignoring the behavior because there was no self-esteem or self confidence of the adult. My adult became weak as the child became more unruly and out of control, causing a lot of damage to her personal relationships. As my estrogen got higher, the adult emerged to scurry and fix the damage caused by the child when estrogen was low. The longer my adult gets healthy doses of estrogen, she stays in rational control and the child is at peace. When the brain is healthy with estrogen, my adult can calm, soothe, and nurture the child in ways only my adult can.   With estrogen, I can actually do for myself what I’ve been working so hard to do without estrogen. It just happens effortlessly and confidently.

I not only was experiencing this phenomenon myself, but other patients on the Panacea Protocol™ as well. They discuss their self-confidence and change in perspective and irrational behavior. Mood swings are non-existent and arise every morning ready to take on the day with confidence. Since I clinically coach hormone patients, I have the opportunity to get feedback on a weekly basis to how they are doing on the hormones and the things they’re experiencing. I first thought it was just me having an enlightened moment in my life’s journey but I found that it’s all because of healthy levels of estrogen that we’re able to reach this personal spiritual nirvana. I wish I had known forty years ago that all I needed was enough estrogen.

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Patsy Walker Acting Sane

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.06.14 PM

“Oops, there goes that phone again! This time I better act sane!”–Patsy Walker 1946 Issue 7

Acting sane.  Isn’t that what we all try do to everyday?  Women, even girls feel like they’re going insane sometimes.  Most patients tell me they have to “act” like they’re not going crazy and they question their sanity.  I’ve had many patients come into the clinic expressing how crazy they felt and how they couldn’t explain why they felt so horrible.  They say couldn’t find a reason they should be feeling as lousy as they do and spend a great deal of time acting sane.

One of my favorite books in my research on the history of hormone replacement therapy was written by Ob-Gyn Specialist Robert A. Wilson, M.D., a physician who had a unique medical practice in the 1950-1960s that catered to women with menstrual or menopausal issues he treated with high dose estrogen therapies with much success.  What surprised me most about coming upon this book was the way this physician practiced medicine.  It was unique in that he addressed hormone and menopause issues with women when other doctors fail to see the light even back in the 60s.  He had a way of understanding how miserable they felt and what their fate was.  In 1963 as a consulting Obstetrician and Gynecologist at the Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, Dr. Wilson wrote an article entitled The Fate of The Untreated Menopausal Woman: A Plea for the Maintenance of Adequate Estrogen from Puberty to the Grave, that discusses in detail what happens to a woman who doesn’t have adequate estrogen, no matter her age.  In this article, as many other articles removed from the National Library of Health in support of high dose estrogen therapies, Dr. Wilson not only discusses his research, but writes about his clinical practice and how the hormones effect each patient before and after treatment.  I was mostly astonished to see a physician so many years ago practicing an approach to medicine that addresses hormone deficiencies and restores estrogen what took Dr. Nagel and I years to come to with hormone dosing and administration. (I will later write, or finish the documentary about this very thing and what went wrong).

Most women who read Dr. Wilson’s work get offended at the tone or language used, as it’s  sexist for today’s standards but however unfortunately standard for the way men spoke of women, and how they were regarded in society.  If you can read his work and get passed the arrogant, ignorant language of the times, you will ask yourself “Why we aren’t practicing medicine in this way now?”  The first sentence of this article reads, “The unpalatable truth must be faced that all postmenopausal women are castrates.”  This statement could piss a person off but Dr. Wilson wanted doctors to look at their female patients differently than they have been.  He didn’t want to write prescriptions for quaaludes and  valium.  He saw how miserable theses women were and wanted his colleagues to look at them in a way they could remotely understand how these women feel and Dr. Wilson was a country man and used farm animals to demonstrate points.  He figured every man knew what happens when a guy loses his testicles and could relate to the misery of it all, down to the ‘wanting to die’ part.

In Dr. Wilson’s book Feminine Forever, he expresses how estrogen will determine how a woman’s mind is affected by estrogen:

“In all but fifteen percent of menopausal women, the following symptoms develop in varying degrees: the tissues dry out, the muscles weaken, the skin sags.  The bones, because of the hormonal deficiency, become brittle and porous, easily fractured…”

“…the traditional attitude of many physicians, who simply refuse to recognize menopause for what it is–a serious, painful, and often crippling disease.”

“…menopause is a curable disease, caused by a deficiency of estrogen hormones, the doctor could be easily misled by it symptoms.”

“Though the physical suffering from menopausal effects can be truly dreadful, what impressed me most tragically is the destruction of personality”.

“Mood-changing drugs are being used increasingly in the treatment of psychological disorders, ranging from mild depression to sever psychosis.  My own observation leads me to conclude that–except in cases of some acute emotional  shock–women with an ample supply of estrogen in their blood are not likely to develop psychological difficulties calling for the use of such psychic energizers.  Estrogen itself acts as a natural energizer to both mind and body.  Women rich in estrogen tend to have a certain mental vigor that gives then confidence, a sense of mastery over their destiny, the ability to think out problems effectively, resistance to mental and physical fatigue, and emotional self-control.  Their reactions are proportional to the occasion.  They neither over-react hysterically, nor do they tend toward apathy,  they are, as a rule, capable of facing the world with a healthful relaxed attitude and thereby able to enjoy their daily life.  They are seldom depressed.  Irrational crying spells are virtually unknown among them.”

“Menopause covers such a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms that the implications are by no means confined to the woman. Her husband, her family, and her entire relationship to the outside world are affected almost as strongly as her own body.”

“…estrogen acts on the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, it has a direct effect on a woman’s emotional state.”

Dr. Wilson discusses menopause mostly as if referring to the older woman, but taking a deeper look, Dr. Wilson address that any woman without estrogen is in a state of menopause and will suffer the same consequences. It’s hard to believe he wrote this book in 1965 and here it is 2015 and women are still being prescribed psychotropic drugs for hormone deficiency symptoms.  It doesn’t matter how old a woman is, when her estrogen is low, nothing will function properly in her brain or body.  Once she gets her estrogen restored to reproductive levels, the symptoms and side effects of menopause go away, physical and mental.

One of the reasons I like this book so much is because Dr. Wilson experienced in his clinic the same things I’ve seen in clinics who practice the Panacea ProtocolTM.  When you see patients getting healthy and feeling good most of the time, it’s difficult to deny what the culprit is, high dose estrogen therapy.  Women don’t have to pretend to be sane when they have enough estrogen, they just are.  It’s when estrogen gets too low that causes women to act and feel insane.

Are you acting sane?  You don’t have to act anymore.  If you’re looking to get your head and mind back and need a clinically trained and educated hormone expert to coach you and your provider through your therapy, click on the button below to be put on the Hormone Health Coaching waiting list.  I can help you optimize your hormones and get your mind and brain back.

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Who The Hell Am I Now?

overwhelmed 3How in the hell am I now?  Who have I become?  For years I’ve heard these words from many woman in the hormone clinic, as well as from myself before I started The Panacea Protocol™. You don’t have to live like this anymore, and you never had to. Meet Fiona.  I’ve broken her question down to clarify independent parts.

“Who am I now? Who the hell am I now?”…

Moxie:  You are a bitch, a prude, an insomniac, a crybaby, selfish, unhappy, anxiety ridden, unreasonable, lethargic, unfocused, unmotivated, wimpy, miserable, depressed, lonely, irritable, mouthy, itchy, moody, bloaty, fat, forgetful, impatient, vengeful, heart palpitating, weak, discontent, hairless, fatigued, insecure, dehydrated, whiny, and controlling woman who hates the sound of her own voice, the voice of others, and doesn’t want to be touched or look at by anyone, and with a very sharp tongue. God help the person who cuts you off on the freeway.

“What did I do to deserve this?”…

Moxie:  You let your estrogen drop out of an healthy range.

“I used to be confident and normal. Now I’m scared and sad.”…

Moxie:  Women and doctors don’t realize the significant impact estrogen has on a woman. Many think it’s just a sex hormone with no relevance other than for sex or a sex drive, but in reality, it is a woman’s “Juice of Life”. It tells the brain how to feel and what to feel. Estrogen affects every cell and function in the body. Without it, women will feel dead inside and will manifest itself in behavior, feelings, and audible vocal outburst. Women without estrogen are insecure and can’t cope. They can’t make a decision to save their own ass. They don’t believe in themselves and nothing makes them happy, nothing, nothing, nothing makes them happy. They will have a significant amount of self doubt and insecurities they never had before. Anxiety goes through the roof along with feelings of having no control of feelings or life in general. You used to be confident because you used to have estrogen. You are now scared and sad because your estrogen is too low.

“I was suicidal last Monday. Frightened myself.”…

It is very normal to have suicidal tendencies and thoughts when you’re estrogen deficient. Not only do women get suicidal around day 18 of their cycle, or when estrogen gets too low, but they can also be homicidal. All rational and reasonable thinking go out the window when estrogen diminishes. You probably felt like your world was okay on day 13 of your cycle when your estrogen was at its peak. Hormones have “tide cycle” just like the ocean that can be tracked. Women’s estrogen is highest on day 13 and lowest day 18 of her cycle. When estrogen is high, women feel good. When estrogen is low, women feel like crap. This cycle of higher estrogen and lower estrogen can happen within a week to 10 days. This leaves a woman feeling like she’s going crazy when she felt good one week, then rotten the next.

“Have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon to discuss options. If HRT seems like the best option then so be it.”…

Moxie:  Your HRT ignorant physician will tell you that you have bi-polar depression and prescribe you anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and anti-anxiety drugs to manage the symptoms of your estrogen deficiency to shut you up because they don’t know why you’re behaving so irrationally. Doctors are taught in med school which drugs to prescribe to manage the symptoms of our hormonal deficiencies. They are not taught how to find out why you think you’re going crazy. You don’t have a Prozac deficiency, you have an estrogen deficiency but your doctor will be clueless as to how to handle you. There’s a reason doctors are purposely left out of the HRT loop. What would happen if we all got the hormones we needed?

“Vitamins and minerals are not helping.”…

Moxie:  They will if they’re the right ones. I only recommend vitamins and minerals I can guarantee to work if taken properly, and are of pharmaceutical grade. Whether taken with or without hormone therapy, pharmaceutical grade supplements are designed to be of higher potency, more pure, and extremely bioavailable so you can tell if you take them or not. They’re so potent, we can measure them in blood plasma and need to be monitored and dosed correctly. Getting access is another story. I give my coaching patients my practitioner and access codes to order because over the counter supplements do not work like the ones I prescribe. Xymogen is the company and the Access Code: Moxie, Practitioner Code: Hoag, at Let me know if you need guidance on what to take and how much. I’d be happy to direct you.

“I get the bare minimum of support from my husband.”…

Moxie:  You will always get bare minimum support from other hormonally deficient people, or people who have no idea what to do for you, like your poor husband. There’s nothing in this world your husband wants more than for you to feel good and be okay, he just doesn’t know what to do for you anymore, nor do you. You couldn’t tell me, your husband, or anyone what it is that will make you happy because you don’t know. You don’t know because it doesn’t make sense for you to be feeling so lousy, especially if that isn’t who you are at your inner core. Your doctor doesn’t even know what to do with you, let alone your husband. It’s frustrating and lonely to pretend living a life on the outside when all you want to do is die on the inside, and no one understands why. We do.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’d rather live a shorter and better life than a long sad and fearful one.”

Moxie:  No one blames you for feeling this way. It’s the most common feeling of estrogen deficient women and testosterone deficient men because that’s how people feel when they lose the vital elixir that tells our brain we’re alive and we feel good. By the way, everything that happens to a woman, hormonally speaking, happens to a man with regards to decline and symptoms.

You don’t have to do this anymore because you are now in charge of your own hormonal health. You will no longer be a sitting duck to the medical establishment. You can no longer trust your healthcare provider to get to the root cause of your misery. No one care about how you feel the way you do. No one will go more to bat for you hormonally than you do. You need to take charge of your health and find out where your hormones should be then find a provider who understands a woman feels dead without estrogen and isn’t afraid to give you any. This group is here to help with that. When was the last time you had blood drawn to read hormone levels? Do you know what your estrogen level is? 

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